Look to the skies on the night of May 26th for a rare and beautiful cosmic show —

A bright Super Full Moon in the sky will turn red as it is eclipsed by the shadow of the Earth.

This is a rare event — we get a lunar eclipse when the Moon moves into the Earth’s shadow, which can only happen on a night where the Earth, Moon, and Sun are aligned.

This eclipse is also named a Blood Moon because the Sun’s light that normally shines on a regular full moon is blocked during the total eclipse, so the red color we see on the surface of the Moon is refracted wavelengths of light from the Earth.

In astrology, a Blood Moon is a symbol of a big change to come, the need to make important shifts or transformations in our lives.

Much like at any Full Moon, we may find this is a time of release; Perhaps we feel the lightening of a load or a sense of a path clearing before us towards action we have been deliberating whether or not to take.

During a SuperMoon and Lunar Eclipse, these feelings of letting go and release are magnified even further.

An Eclipse is often a big sign from the Universe that it’s time for you to let go of something in your life.

This could be anything from a toxic relationship, uninspiring job, or some heavy emotions that need to be purged.

I know sometimes people get anxious about the idea of Eclipses such as this one on May 26th because they have the potential to shake things up for us, sometimes putting us where we need to be, which might NOT be where we THINK we want to be.

The trick is to have FAITH, even if challenges arise for you.

Eclipses are like divine portals that can push us forward to where we need to be on our soul’s journey,towards places we might not be aware of yet.

Eclipse energy acts like a kind of pivot point, and it can be harnessed to support you in taking a leap and raising your vibration into a higher state of consciousness.

Imagine this Lunar Eclipse a bit like a re-start.

A bit like when you reboot your computer or any machine.

It’s a chance to start again, with a fresh slate, ready for new energy, new ideas, and new manifestations.

As during any big full moon, our desires and intentions can be also illuminated at this time.

Often you can see what might need to be released.

You may even feel a greater power to see into your future, clarifying exactly what you want to create and draw into your life.

It’s also a time typically when secrets or information, and knowledge that has been obscured can come into the light.

That knowledge could either be in your own life on the wider world stage and give rise to change, transformation and awakening.

Moon in Sagittarius — Energetic Themes

Sagittarius is a curious, philosophical and positive sign that rules over the higher mind, belief systems, truth, and freedom.

Its strong energy urges us to zoom out and see the bigger picture from a wider perspective.

With its symbol of the arrow of the archer, Sagittarius can help us to set firm intentions and aim firmly in their direction, even if we don’t know exactly where that arrow will fall.

Sagittarius guides us to let go of control, and trust in the greater outcome for our higher selves.

If you’ve been wondering about making a significant change in your life but have felt scared to take the plunge, this celestial energy is strong and supportive.

It can’t remove your fear, but it can help guide you towards the best possible and most abundant version of your life, using your fears as a reason to expand with courage!

It’s important to note Jupiter’s position squaring the Sun and the Moon at this eclipse time.

Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius and acts like a magnifier of whatever manifests for you and for the world at large during this eclipse.

Whatever energetic themes of Sagittarius come up for you will be strengthened by the positive presence of Jupiter.

Remember! If you can master your manifestation abilities, this fast-moving eclipse energy is so supportive of making big changes.

Try to get outside as much as possible and take extra care of your physical body..

Honor it with nutritious food, sunlight, exercise, lots of vitamins, and good sleep.

Play with your creativity, allowing time for rest, relaxation, and fun.

All of this will serve you in terms of keeping your energy high, pure and clear.

When your energy is vibrating high, you can make massive positive shifts in your life.

Whatever mission you are on as a unique soul in this Universe, this Blood Moon Eclipse can remind you of that purpose and offer lessons and transformations to help you move along to the next stage of your life journey.

As long as you can try to be in a state of gratitude, compassion, joy, and love for most of the time that you are awake and aware of your thoughts and actions each day, you will magnetize a beautiful new experience towards you.

Simply surrender to faith and trust whatever seems to fall away from your life during the days around the lunar eclipse.