Have you ever wondered why some people seem to attract endless opportunities, while others struggle just to get by?

The answer lies in their mindset.

Adopting an abundance mindset means releasing the scarcity mentality that we’ve been conditioned to believe in. 

It’s a choice you make every day –

a choice to believe that there’s more than enough to go around and that success is not a zero-sum game.

When you choose to cultivate an abundance mindset, you set yourself up for a life full of possibilities. 

You’ll find that opportunities flow to you more easily, relationships become richer, and you start to see the world as a place of abundance and possibility.

Shift your mindset, and you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes. 

Everything begins in your mind, so why not choose abundance?

What is an Abundance Mindset? 

It is a way of thinking and perceiving the world that is grounded in a belief that there is ‘more than enough for everyone’ and that ‘more good is always coming.’ 

Even in times of limitation or difficulty, an abundance mindset sees the opportunity and acts with generosity.

An abundance mindset is grateful and appreciative for what it has and eager for more. 

There is a sense of ease, flow, and a readiness to share with others without feeling afraid. 

What is a Scarcity Mindset? 

It is the belief that there is ‘never enough.’

This mindset fears that there is always a lack and can never see the opportunities.

Someone with this mindset is unable to celebrate other people’s wins and feels threatened by other people’s success. 

Someone with a scarcity mindset feels fearful and anxious and is unable to imagine great success or abundance coming easily to them. 

The biggest things to remember about each of these:

An Abundance Mindset is rooted in security, a deep inner sense of personal worth and happiness. 

A Scarcity Mindset is rooted in an inner state of fear, anxiety, and lack of self-worth and self-belief. 

Therefore if you want to cultivate an Abundance Mindset every day of your life, start with your inner sense of worth and the beliefs you hold about yourself and the Universe at large. 

It might not happen overnight, but with careful, consistent attention to your dominant mindset, you can shift yourself into more abundant ways of thinking. 

Want to try moving into an Abundant Mindset?

Here are 5 pointers to get you going in the right direction: 

1. Daily Gratitude

Gratitude shifts your thinking from a focus on what you don’t have to appreciate what you do have.

If you just started writing down 3 things a day that you are grateful for every morning or evening, you will notice a difference in your energy.

Your mind will begin to relax and you will naturally find more positive creative thoughts.

2. Practice Celebrating Others 

If you find yourself getting triggered by other people’s wins or even feel envious when you observe others’ posts of their lives on social media, try this quick practice to shift into a different state: Congratulate them!

Even if it feels counterintuitive at first, when you practice being generous with your thoughts and words, it will get easier to feel that way naturally. 

The success of others can raise you up too!

When you are truly confident and secure, you do not worry about what anyone else is doing.

You want them to succeed too. 


Because you know that there is enough for everyone! 

3. Switch your Thoughts 

It can help to write down your worrisome thoughts on a piece of paper, and then right next to them write down the thoughts you would prefer to replace them with. 

For example: 

I don’t have enough time – becomes – I always have all the time I need

I’m not doing enough – becomes – I am worthy no matter how hard I work 

It’s too hard – becomes It’s a challenge that I can overcome 

This process of reframing your negative thoughts, one by one, can really help to shift your thinking towards a more positive, abundant mindset. 

4. Leave your Comfort Zone 

Taking risks is a big part of achieving your goals.

Practice welcoming change and seeing it as a chance to evolve and grow. 

You can implement this by choosing to think big whenever possible.

Ask yourself how you are keeping yourself small by being afraid to step beyond your limitations.

Then do the opposite. 

5. Focus on Giving More 

Whether it’s money, time, or love –

giving more of what you have to others will only bring more of it back to you! 

If you can afford to, donate money to a charity that resonates with you, or simply make it a habit to give change to someone on the street in need.

Or you can start by becoming more present with those you care about, giving your time and love without limitations. 

When you simply make the intention to share more and be generous, you will find ways to do so.

The Universe will create opportunities for you to be more giving, and in return, you will see abundance appearing in your life too in unexpected ways. 

Adopting these simple techniques can work to shift your energy to embrace more of an abundance mindset over time. 

In fact, you will begin to see results in just one day of actively changing your habits! 

Remember, we don’t create abundance.

We create limitations. 

Abundance is always present.

It’s just a case of tapping into its frequency and mastering your energy so that you are on that wavelength too. 

Try using these affirmations…

I live in a state of complete abundance

I am worthy of abundance

I am connected to the universal supply of money 

My talents are worthy of being paid abundantly.