Have you ever felt like you just need to go for a walk to clear your head?

Most of us intuitively understand that there comes the point when we need quiet time to release cluttered thoughts from our mental energy.

Energetic body cleansing is something that we can all benefit from on a regular basis.

Think about how it feels when you try to organize a closet that is already stuffed with things. Or plant seeds in soil that have not been cleared of old roots and rocks since the last season.

In the same way that it is easier to organize a closet that has been emptied first, and in the same way that seeds will grow better in healthy soil, so do our energetic bodies require cleansing in order to vibrate higher.

It’s much easier to understand yourself and tap into your intuition if your energy body is cleansed and clear.

When you go for a walk, you ground any anxious energy that has been swirling around and gain perspective.

The movement, the fresh air, and the ability to mull things over are natural ways to release negativity and confusion.

Often we return feeling refreshed and renewed.

This is because we have cleared our energetic bodies.

Many of us have years of energy built up inside us, we pick up on other people’s energy in the form of their emotions. It takes discernment, a strong sense of self, and energy clearing to be able to navigate through life without being bombarded by negativity.

I don’t know about you but this past year has shown me even more than usual the importance of keeping my light body (my energetic body) and vibration high.

With so much turmoil in the world, it’s all too easy to get drawn into divisive discussions and fear.

And as we know, fear is a very low vibrating emotion that can damage our health mentally, emotionally, and physically.

That’s why I believe learning about cleansing your energetic body can help you in your efforts to manifest and live a life of beautiful abundance.

It’s another way to ensure that you are connected with the highest frequencies of the Universe.

Here are some simple ways that I use and want to share with you so that you can integrate energetic cleansing into your days as a way to keep yourself healthy and vibrating at the highest levels.


Movement in the form of walking, dancing, and yoga can all greatly help with releasing stagnant energy.

Moving physically means moving our energy around. When we are still and stagnant, things get blocked. When we are panicked, fearful, and anxious, our energy is vibrating too fast in an unhealthy way.

Movement allows us to restore balance and harmony.

Dancing is probably one of my favorites for its quick energy release. You can do this at home alone and without judgment!

Simply pick a song that makes you feel good and start moving your body.

Do not worry about what you do or why you do it, get past any discomfort or embarrassment and just move in different motions and rhythms.

Walking, as discussed, can be an excellent way to release mental clutter.

If you start your walk with an intention to release something specific, you can then imagine that energy flowing down and out of your feet into the earth below your feet with each step.

Yoga, particularly yin yoga is excellent for moving energy around our bodies and creating space within.

Poses that are held for long periods also release our emotions and help to free up any deeply held, stored energy.

Salt Water Baths

It’s easy to see how bathing in relaxing warm water with purifying and detoxifying salts is good for our physical and energetic bodies.

It’s so healing and cleansing and I find it brings instant calm and clarity to the mind.

I often have my best ideas while relaxing in a hot bath.

Swimming in the Ocean, Lakes or Rivers

Outdoor swimming is incredibly healing and renewing.

If you are lucky enough to be able to do this regularly in clean water, take advantage.

Immersing your physical body into cleansing water has such health benefits and clears you of any sticky energy that you no longer need.

Essential Oil Infusions

If essential oils are not part of your life, you are missing out on their powerful, healing qualities.

Add lavender, rosemary, or clary sage to your bath or to an oil diffuser in your home and feel the mood clearing instantly. You can also find soaps that are infused with oils or herbs that work just as well.

Check with a doctor if you are pregnant as some oils should be avoided.

Sound and Singing

Ringing bells or wind chimes into a space is a wonderful negativity cleanser for your home.

Singing is a great way to cleanse the throat chakra and work on free-flowing self-expression. If you can lose inhibitions, belt out your favorite song at home and feel the power of energy release through your voice.


I couldn’t be without my crystal collection. Choose your favorite stone and carry it with you in your pocket.

Create beautiful crystal grids and meditate by them when you are feeling overwhelmed.

You can also cleanse your crystals, placing them in a container of water and allow it to infuse the water with its qualities, as a way to support your clearing work.


This is such a powerful way to release stagnant energy from your being.

Focus on clearing negative energy through your exhales as you let the negativity go.

Inhale for a count of three

Exhale for a count of five

Then hold it here for three counts.

The final breath-hold acts to clear the space that is required for the old energy to dissipate, making room for new energy to move through and clear it.

If you do this a few times, it can ground you, making you feel as though you have deeply released your stagnant energy and you will experience a sensation of emptiness.


Finally, one of my favorite ways to cleanse myself energetically is by being close to trees.

I love trees and find that sitting, standing or lying near them for quiet contemplation or meditation is my number one healing tool.

They have such calm, grounded energy and help me to feel present, still and aware. They also enable me to really reflect and believe that all is well and that I have the power to create my life.

Try it next time you are out in a forest or park, or even walking down the street. Touch a tree, feel the wisdom of its solid trunk and the power of its deep, unseen roots below the earth.

You can offer your chaotic, negative energy to be transmuted by a tree.

Share with us all which of these practices help you the most?

Or do you have any of your own that are not listed here? Let us know!