Have you ever wondered why we tend to focus so much on what we lack?

It’s like no matter what happens, even if we already have a good life, we still look for what’s missing in our life.

Especially when we’re trying to manifest, instead of putting our focus on what we want and the positivity it will bring to our lives, we shift our attention to what we lack and start to worry.

This type of mindset robs us of insight.

You see, scarcity has a negative impact on our lives.

It deprives us of the ability to look beyond, which is also one of the reasons that we tend to dig ourselves even deeper into a hole when we are already in one.

We keep focusing on the negative beliefs that we have.

So, instead of getting a better outcome, we fall deeper into this trap called scarcity.

Have you ever made decisions on a whim?

For instance, you just lost your job and badly need some things for your home and when you got your credit card, you immediately used it.

You used it for what you needed right away without planning ahead and maxed it out.

Now, after a few days, you realize that you didn’t set aside money for gas.

This is when you know that you have a scarcity-based mindset. You fall into the trap of short-term expenses that sooner or later affects your future.

These are times when you feel that you lack almost everything.

This is called a scarcity trap. And being aware that you’re in one will give you the power to overcome it.

Here are signs you’re stuck in a scarcity trap.

1. You Believe Your Situation is Permanent

When you focus too much on what you lack, even if the Universe is blessing you with other things, this is a sign that you’re in a scarcity trap.

You start to believe that this is all there is — that your situation will never change. You begin to think that this is what’s meant to be, to be in a situation you’re unhappy about.

How to combat this mindset:

Have an attitude of gratitude.

Take time to look around you and appreciate what you have and where you are in life. If you have food, clothes, work, and a home to sleep in and rest — then you are already fortunate.

Think about all the good you have in life and focus on that. Be grateful for everything.

2. Negative Self-talk / Self-sabotaging Thoughts

Focusing on negative thoughts may reduce motivation and increase emotions of powerlessness.

Every inner conversation that we have has a significant impact on us. And if we put our focus on the negative, it might sometimes lead to depression.

For instance, you’ve been given a task at work and start to think that it is so stressful.

Once you actually start the task, you will have a hard time completing it because you repeatedly say, “Oh, this is so hard, this is so stressful.” It’s like you framed your mind already.

How to fight these thoughts:

Think about what you’re doing and think of it as a stepping stone to success.

Combat these thoughts with positive affirmations like “I can do this. Nothing can stop me from achieving my tasks.” You will start believing these statements and find your work to be easy to accomplish.

3. Not Willing to Look Beyond Your Comfort Zone

When you stay in your comfort zone, they say you never grow. This may or may not be true.

But one thing is for sure when you stay inside your comfort zone, you fail to see what lies beyond it.

There are a lot of opportunities out there, and if you choose to stick with what’s comfortable, you actually limit your potential.

How to overcome this:

Look at your comfort zone as your starting line.

The moment you cross this line is the very moment a life of abundance unfolds before you.

Try out new opportunities, pursue your passion, and start believing in magic once again.

Parting Thoughts

Don’t let the scarcity trap hold you back from living the life you desire. Rise above it. Overcome it.

Beat scarcity and become abundance itself.