We are entering Eclipse Season this March 25th, with a partial Full Moon eclipse in Libra.

There’s so much to talk about with this cosmic event,

as it launches us into eclipse season with a total solar eclipse set to occur in Aries on April 8

(more on that in the coming weeks!). 

So what does this ‘Worm Moon’ March eclipse mean for you, and how should be preparing for it? 

Well, it’s important to remember a couple of things. 

A Full Moon Eclipse is always about amplified energy.

Think Full Moon on steroids!

They are super powerful and legend has it, they open portals to higher states of spiritual awareness. 

This is just the beginning of Eclipse Season.

So this partial Libra Lunar Eclipse is part of a larger cycle that began back in April 2023, and will continue for the rest of 2024.

Sometimes these Eclipses only make sense as part of the whole.

We may have to be patient until October 2024 or March 2025 when we will experience the final Eclipse in this series,

before we fully understand what comes up for us. 

This Worm Moon Libra Lunar Eclipse is about endings, as Eclipses so often are.

This could be the ending of a job, relationship, or emotional chapter,

or it could be something like the ending of a habit, belief, thought pattern, or way of behaving in the world. 

While Eclipse energy is about things coming out of the blue,

you may well already have an idea of what this ending constitutes for you in your life. 

Overall, this Eclipse seems to represent an energy of change when it comes to relationships and partnerships.

That’s also because it falls in the sign of Libra, represented by the scales. 

Ruled by Venus – the Goddess of Love, Libra is all about love, beauty, and also values.

Libra energy vibrates in the area of relationships and gets us to look at how we are individually showing up in those partnerships. 

It’s a great idea to reflect, whether through meditation or journaling, on what your own relationship dynamics are like.

That could relate to romance or friendships. 

Libra urges us to recognize whether or not our relationships are in balance.

Are you giving too much, too focused on the other person?

Or are you taking advantage of others?

Is there a sense of balance in your relationships? 

Another important question to ask yourself is this:

Am I being authentic in my relationships?

Am I showing up as myself?

Do i liked the kind of person I become when I am around my romantic partner/ friends? 

You might find that this Eclipse brings out a lot to think about with regard to your relationships,

but don’t be afraid of what comes up for you.

Lean into any questions that arise, and empower yourself to make healthy changes for both you and the people in your life. 

Whether that means choosing a different dynamic, or ending a relationship altogether.

The most important thing is to be honest with yourself, and prioritize your happiness. 

Even if challenging relationship issues arise for you over this time,

look deeper at the cause and try to find the lessons that may be hiding there for you. 

Above all, use this magical time to feel empowered and take the reins of your life.

Trust in the Universe and the powerful forces of the cosmos around you.