This is your time to give yourself permission to be reborn.

Reborn as the purposeful, confident, clear, soulful, take no s**t version of yourself. 

Easter has so many connotations, both religious and otherwise.

Coming at Spring time in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s also linked to themes of new beginnings,

new life, growth, the blossoming of flowers, the birth of animals, the days getting longer, and light returning. 

Whatever your beliefs, Easter is the perfect season to begin again,

reinvent yourself and burst out of whatever has kept you living a small life – a life less magical than you deserve.

This is a truly powerful time to manifest major changes in your life. 

The energy is supportive and will favor those who have the courage to leap for their dreams. 

So how do you begin to make the changes you need? 

What is required for you to elevate every part of your life and step into a new skin, in an authentic and organic way? 

Reinventing yourself has many parts to it, more than we can address in detail here,

but to begin with you want to start with your mindset and sense of self.  

Personal Mindset 

This is vital for you to begin to manifest the existence you want to be living. 

You must place your focus on what you WANT not what you DON”T WANT.

And stay committed to your own path. 

That might include things such as: 

  • Doing what you love regardless of other people’s opinions and expectations. 
  • Considering where you have been giving away your power. 
  • Avoiding being pulled into gossip and drama. 
  • Allowing your emotions to be felt, and then released naturally. 
  • Making all decisions from the heart, out of love NOT fear. 
  • Stop hanging out with low-frequency people who drain you. 
  • Thinking your way through problems instead of feeling your way and trusting your gut. 
  • No longer avoiding raw emotions through old habits, and coping mechanisms. 

In order to gain this kind of commitment and focus to your path,

you really have to be firm in your knowledge of who you are and what you want. 

Own Who you Are 

One of the fastest ways to reinvent yourself is to get really clear on who you are.

When you KNOW who you are, you will never rely on other people to define your worth.

Standing firm in your own power means noone can take it away from you.

And if you can master that, wow, you can truly manifest anything. 

Write a list: 

  1. Ten ways that people see you or say who you are that are not accurate. 
  2. Ten ways that you have learned to be someone you are not really. 
  3. A list of the lost parts of yourself that you want to recover and reclaim. 

This is a great start to reconnecting with the true, inner wild you!

You cannot rebirth yourself until you know what you are bringing into this life experience. 

If you work on staying true to yourself,

quieting your inner critic and the voice of others who have shamed you or made you feel bad in the past,

you are on the way to personal freedom and a life of pure joy.

Trust me, it’s going to feel so liberating!