Repeated sightings of a specific animal or animal behavior can be a sign from the universe. The universe always finds ways to send us a message. If you’re actively asking the universe for signs and answers, you only need to pay attention to what’s around you.

One of the most powerful ways that the universe sends us a message is through animals. You may see them either in your dreams and in reality.

So, if you are asking for a sign from the universe, pay attention to your surroundings or your dreams. Repeated sightings of these animals are the answers to your questions…


Repeated Animal Sightings? Here’s What The Universe Is Trying To Tell You!

The cat symbolizes mystery and mysticism and they are also representative of other dimensions. They also symbolize courage to act and holds the power to create anything. Their look may be imploring, but it also means that your journey has begun.


Owls are nocturnal creatures and they are known to see in the dark. When you repeatedly see owls, whether in your dreams or in real life, it could be a sign from the universe that you should pay closer attention to your intuition.

Owls are a reminder to pay attention to your gut feelings and act accordingly. Gut feelings always guide us in the right direction.


Did you know that a snake symbolizes Mother Earth and nature magic? Seeing snakes or their images is a reminder from the universe that you have a might force inside of you.

Snakes are also a reminder to devote your time to master your passions and direct your intuitive energy into something creative. It can also be a sign of entering a place of healing and renewal.


Spider has long been known as an accent symbol of mystery, power, and growth. A spider represents feminine energy and creativity. It is a strong reminder of spiritual connectedness.

When you repeatedly see spiders, it is a message from the universe to tune into your creative potential. On the other hand, the web of a spider is a symbol of the circle of life. Aside from that, since spiders have eight eyes and eight legs, and the number eight is a symbol of infinity.

Another message from the universe when you repeatedly see spiders is that you need to reflect on your connectedness to the spirit world and divine power within you.


Repeated Animal Sightings? Here’s What The Universe Is Trying To Tell You!

A butterfly is a powerful symbol of transformation. It is a sign that you need to shift internally to experience the shifts that are going on in your external world.

On the other hand, a lot of cultures all over the world associate the butterfly with souls. However, it is a stronger indicator that a cycle of growth or transformation is taking place in one’s life.

When you repeatedly see butterflies, it is the universes way of telling to release and change the thought patterns that hold you back. It is time to let go and enjoy the present moment.


Seeing a lizard is a sign to look within—the universe is urging you to pay attention to your goals and dreams and to identify whether you’re acing from ego or from the heart.

A lizard may also indicate that you have lost the meaning of your true self and you’ve been drowning in so much negativity. Keep in mind, lizards are known to rebound and reach their highest potential. So, don’t be afraid if you’re going through something, because you will be able to get back up on your feet.


Seeing a hawk continuously is a sign that the universe is guiding you to see things from a higher perspective. Hawks are known for their keen eyes and strong wings, and seeing them repeatedly means you need to use your power of observation to see the various aspects of your life in detail.

Moreover, repeated sightings of a hawk may also mean that there’s a different lesson that will unfold in your life.


There has always been a bad connotation when it comes to ravens as they are believed to be bad omens. The truth is, they are not, and they definitely don’t indicate physical death. Instead, a raven symbolizes new beginnings as it is a message that you should let things go and be open to embracing new beginnings. Ravens are a message from the universe about an upcoming rebirth.

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