What if you tried almost everything to manifest the life you want?

Endless affirmations, meditations, and visualization… and yet nothing happened.

Where do you turn to? Do you just give up and let it be?

Or do you allow the Divine to help you in ways you never even thought possible?


Samantha picked up her youngest daughter, Sarah, from her crib and swayed calmly.

She looked around the apartment and couldn’t help but wish for a bigger space.

Their growing family needed a better place to live. There was no privacy at all.

They could hear other families just beyond their wall and she was sure that they could hear them as well.

“Sweetie, I’m home,” Frank announced and walked towards her to kiss her forehead.

This was their routine for a while now.

Since Samantha had just given birth, they decided for her to be at home with the kids.

It was okay, but sometimes Samantha wished that she could help her husband with the bills too.

Samantha and Frank were both believers of the Law of Attraction.

They also have friends who have had successes in making it work.

It’s what led them to each other, their shared belief that the Universe existed to guide and help those who believe.

After eating dinner and putting the kids to bed, she kissed them both and said good night.

As she lay in bed with Frank, ready to sleep and all, he spoke all of a sudden.

“Maybe the Universe doesn’t care about my desire.

Whatever, it’s taking too long, or I must be doing something wrong.”

Samantha could hear the frustration in her husband’s voice. She was starting to think of the same thing too.

“We’ve been doing this for a while now. We’ve done affirmations and listened to money meditations but nothing seems to work.”

Frank continued to talk while Samantha just listened. Her husband was feeling the pressure of the bills they kept receiving.

They wanted to manifest a house but they couldn’t even afford a bigger apartment.

How could she help her husband?

He was the only one who was working. He basically shouldered everything.

After a few weeks…

There was a school play where her eldest son, Tommy, was the star of the show.

He had to take him to the rehearsal. So, she got ready to go along with her daughter.

On their way home, she saw an ancient store that had recently opened.

Hmm, this is new, she thought and decided to go inside.

She let Tommy roam around too. It was a lovely store filled with crystals, necklaces, bracelets, and the like.

“Hey, mom, what’s this for?” Tommy asked as he pointed at a deck of cards.

Samantha went to his side and looked at what her son was looking at.

“It says here, it’s an Intuition and Divination Moon Oracle Card. I’m not sure what it’s for, buddy,” she replied.

Oh, welcome. I see your son likes the look of the cards. It’s a moonology oracle card.” Samantha looked at the man speaking.

He looked… normal. Or maybe she was just expecting someone wearing a flowy robe and all.

“What does it do?” She asked.

“It helps those who need guidance for their manifestations.” the man replied.

“That sounds nice. I’ll take it.”

That night, while waiting for Frank to come home, Samantha decided to try the moon oracle cards.

Listen to the Divine…

“Okay, how do I use this? Maybe I have to think about what I want to manifest then pull a card. Yes, that’s what I’ll do.”

She whispered to herself. Samantha closed her eyes and thought about the house of her dreams and pulled a card and read it.

“Have faith in your dreams. Oh my, what does this mean?” she felt weird… as if she got an answer that her desires would come true.

That was the moment she decided to research online on how to use moon oracle cards for one’s manifestation journey.

After reading for quite some time, Samantha finally found out how to use the cards.

When asking a question, the first pull would be the card used during one’s manifestation journey.

A person can either tape it on the wall, add it to one’s vision board, or use it as the center of one’s meditations or visualization.

She opened it up immediately to Frank and he trusted her and was willing to wait for their first manifestation.

Frank and Samantha tried the deck together and pulled out another card.

In Samantha’s mind, she thought about how she could help her husband with the bills and with their dream house.

The card Frank pulled said, You’re very close to achieving your goal. They both thought about it for a moment and decided to keep both cards.

This might actually be the sign for their manifestations.

…One Sign at a Time

Tommy’s play was a success..

Her son’s performance stood out the most and he even got the praises from the other mothers who were watching.

Her mind was filled with positivity ever since their card pull. While Frank was at work, she enjoyed the company of the other moms.

They talked for a while about how things were going.

Anna, one of the moms in Tommy’s class, mentioned that there was a school teacher post at the school.

She also said that since she used to work there, she could try and apply once again.

After the conversation, she couldn’t help but think about the opportunity that arose.

But the question was, could she work? It’s been quite some time since her last job.

Her two kids were her priority that’s why she stopped working.

But… in her heart, she already knew the answer.

She thought about the two moon cards and decided to visit the school the next day.

As soon as she arrived, she saw the Principal and talked about her interest in going back as a school teacher.

Samantha’s heartbeat was so fast that she couldn’t believe what was happening. It was like an answered prayer.

Samantha couldn’t help it. Was this really happening? Things were finally aligning her way.

The Moon Oracle’s message was really true. It predicted the good things that came into her life.

All she had to do was trust the Divine.

The moment she got home, she told Frank about what happened to her. He was so glad and proud of her.

After that, they decided to ask the Divine for another sign.

That night, they went on to make another card pull.

Samantha and Frank’s hands both picked the card, “Your Hard Work is Paying Off.”

The week after, a surprise left them speechless. Her husband also had some great news for her.

A coworker of Frank was going to relocate and sell their house.

They were selling it at a below-the-market price and Frank truly believed that they could do this. His belief in the Law of Attraction was renewed.

The couple smiled at each other and felt their connection deepen.

2 Months Later

“Sweetie, let’s go. I’ve put the children to bed already.” Samantha shouted from the living room.

She would never get used to this. It’s been a month since they moved into their new home and she would always wake up with positive energy.

Because of the moon card, their desire materialized.

Samantha now had a job and they had a house… of their own!

Each card pull only pushed them to believe that their manifestations would turn into reality.

It pushed them to be firm with their beliefs and to let go of any doubt that was holding them back.

Receive Divine Guidance and Manifest With the Moon Oracle Card

The Moon Oracle Card is the deck of intuition and divination.

It represents our subconscious mind, our inner wisdom, and our connection with the divine.

It is a time for meditation and reflection to tune in to what we truly need rather than what we want.

It’s a time to trust your instincts and move forward with purpose. Each card pull will help you closer to your desires.

This is what happened to Frank and Samantha. They never gave up on their dreams and manifestations.

They used the moon oracle card to even boost their manifestations.

In return, the Divine gave them what they had been dreaming of.

The Intuition and Divination Moon Oracle Card will:

  • Give you guidance from the Divine
  • Boost your manifestations
  • Guide you to a life of abundance

Believe in your manifestation power and live the life of your dreams with your partner.

Will you trust the Divine just like Frank and Samantha?

Because it’s your turn.

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