We all have habits, but are they helping or hurting us?

Let’s break free from toxic patterns and tap into our true selves.

Did you know that our vibrations determine the experiences and people we attract?

It’s true – our aura is shaped by the energy we emit.

Some days, our vibrations fluctuate, but that’s normal.

The problem arises when our vibrations stay low for too long.

When our vibrations drop, we feel tired, negative, and disconnected from our purpose.

It becomes difficult to trust our instincts and find our way.

But here’s the kicker: low vibrations also attract drama and negativity, and can even impact our physical health.

Don’t let your vibrations take a dive.

Take control and rise above.

Discover the things that lower your vibrations, and reclaim your power.

It’s time to elevate your energy, attract positivity, and unlock a vibrant life. Are you ready?

Living in the Past

There’s a reason the past happened, and why it’s in the past.

There will be periods in your life when you obsess over what happened in the past.

However, don’t let it go on for too long—otherwise, you will make your vibration dive deeper than ever. 

There’s no sense to ruminate over and over, especially if it’s done already. So, snap out of it and move on. 

Getting Involved Too Much In Mindless Activities

Mindless activities involve browsing social media or the internet for hours on end.

You might think doing these things makes you happy and “connected,” but the truth is, they are only draining your energy and aren’t really stimulating.

It’s likely you’ll feel worse about yourself after these activities, which, in turn, can lower your vibrational frequency. 

Listening To “Bad” Sounds

As you know by now, the sound you listen to has a direct effect on your energy field.

If you listen to music that only makes you feel sad or bad, then you’re only lowering your vibrational frequency.

On the other hand, if you listen to a harmonious sound, it can help re-order your energy into a healthy pattern.

Therefore, choose to listen to relaxing and calming sounds as much as you can. 

When you have awareness about the things that lower your vibration, you will find it more possible to achieve and maintain a high vibration pattern at all times. Make this a goal for yourself, and watch yourself transform.