Have you ever felt like you needed a little boost in life?

Maybe you’ve had a bad day, or you’re going through a tough time.

That’s where lucky charms come in. 

If you believe that something as simple as a piece of jewelry or a trinket can bring positivity and good fortune into your life, then you might want to try one of our lucky charms.

We’ve got a selection of charms with proven power to make you feel lucky and help you have a great day.

Don’t settle for just any old charm.

Try one of ours and see the benefits for yourself.

Money Frog

In ancient times, the Chinese God of Wealth has a frog for a pet with only three legs.

Today, the money frog charm is seen with a coin in its mouth and a string of coins around the feet.

Place the money frog facing the main entrance of a room.

It’s best to have the money frog positioned in the Southeastern area of the home as this is one of the lucky directions this year.

Pi Xiu

Pi Xiu, also known as Pi Yao, is a mythical hybrid creature in China that features the head of a Chinese dragon and the body of a lion.

The Pi Xiu is attracted to the smell of gold and silver and brings them to his master.

Therefore, Pi Xiu has long been believed to possess powers to attract wealth anywhere.

Pi Xiu can be found in bracelets, necklaces, or a figurine that you can place in your home.

Pa Kua Mirror

Pa Kua mirrors, also known as Bagua mirrors, deflect negative energies while allowing positive energy to enter the home.

In Feng Shui, mirrors are seen as an antibiotic because of the protection that it brings to a home.

Pa Kua mirrors can be powerful, which means if not used properly, they can cause harm.

It’s best to call a Feng Shui expert before you get a Pa Kua mirror for yourself.

Lucky Coins

Lucky coins are used to attract the energy of money and wealth. It is also a good luck cure.

You can hang your lucky coins or you can carry them in your bag or wallet.

For business owners, lucky coins can be placed near your cash register, with your financial papers, near your phone, or in any other places that are vital to your business.

Want to learn more about good luck charms? Click the link below.

You can also wear lucky coins as they are incorporated in jewelry — from earrings to bracelets, you can find a lucky coin pendant that you can wear anywhere you go!

Mystic Knot

This is also known as the eternal knot, this can benefit every part of your life.

The mystic knot features six infinity knots that symbolize a long and happy life full of good fortune.

This lucky charm attracts an abundant flow of auspicious energy.

There are a lot of accessories and home designs that feature mystic knots that you can choose from.

This year, do things that can attract good fortune in your life.

One of the things to do is to think positively.

If you haven’t been positive the previous year, it’s time to improve your mindset and make a firmer commitment to creating a more positive state of mind.

Being positive will raise your vibrations and will align you with the universal energy that can help you in manifesting the things that you want.

Use the good luck charms listed above to help you attract more abundant energy.

Which one would you like to have and use?