Prayer is strongly associated with religion.

Unbeknownst to some, prayer is also a powerful tool for manifestation.

Before we dive deeper into that, when do you pray?

Is it during a time when you need a miracle the most?
Is it the time when you are desperate for help?

If you pray during these times only, then you are using prayer wrong.

What you need to keep in mind is that prayer is not a plea for help, or something that you do when you want something to happen in your life.

The reason it is a powerful manifestation tool is that it has a significant impact on our energies.

And by now, you are aware of how energy plays in the manifestation process.

That said, you need to use prayer with strong clarity, faith, and intention. You do not need to have a specific religion to pray. In fact, you can pray to any god that you want. But the important thing is that you know how to use it properly.

What Makes a Prayer For Manifestation Powerful

Here are some of the things that your prayer needs to have to help you in your manifestation process:


Being clear in what you want will align you with the energy which will manifest your desires. As mentioned, prayer is a tool that you can use for your energy, which means it plays a significant role in your energy flow.

That said, you need to pray from a point of power and that is clarity.

Prayer: An Effective Tool For Manifestation


Consider this the energy contained for your desired outcome. You just can’t ask the universe to manifest on your behalf and hope you like the outcome.

Be aware of your power, and you can only be fully aware when you set your intentions right. Your intention will focus your energy on your manifestation.

So, ask yourself—what is your intention for your prayer?

Faith and Trust

Be faithful and trust in your ability to co-create with the universe and bring you your desired outcome. People who rave about answered prayers are not special or lucky, instead, they are fully committed to their outcomes and they have faith in their own power.

Have faith in the Source and your connection to it, and you will be able to put more power in your prayer.

Now that you know what makes a good prayer for manifestation, you can create your own.

Creating your own is best because you will be able to inject it with your own choice of words that will help boost its energy and align it to the exact outcome that you want.

Once you have your prayer made up, you need to do it every day, as many times as you can. Set aside a couple of minutes every day to recite your prayer and feel it in your heart.

Spend time in your prayer because you need to be constantly reminded of what exactly it is that you want to live a happier life.

On the other hand, you can always seek other ways to boost your prayer for manifestation. Here is a great way that is guaranteed to help you achieve the outcome that you want in a short period.