A new eclipse season begins on November 19th with a Full Moon in the sign of grounded, earthy Taurus.

We will see this new eclipse cycle unfolding over the weeks and months to come as we move through 2022.

I like to talk about eclipses as portals of transformation.

They tend to bring about revelations, awakenings, and twists of fate – events and energy that support our soul growth and life evolution.

Eclipses symbolize change.

There is immense power in the alignment between the earth, the sun, and the moon that occurs with an eclipse.

That energy forces things out into the light to be dealt with.

Get ready for anything you may have pushed away or swept under the rug to come out into the open.

Don’t let that worry you, though!

Eclipses provide the opportunity to make drastic changes for the better, as long as we are open to surrendering to the path of our highest good.

Whatever you may have been ignoring or pretending wasn’t there can no longer remain hidden, but it will serve you, even if there is some discomfort at first.

Eclipses are always super powerful times in the cosmos; they affect us on a personal and a collective level.

They tend to come in pairs or even threes, this Taurus eclipse is partnered with the sign of Scorpio, and we will be seeing more Scorpio eclipses coming in 2022.

How might the Taurus Full Moon Eclipse affect you?

Taurus is associated with stability, beauty, sensuality, and comfort.

It is ruled by the planet Venus, associated with all matters of the heart, love, romance, and money.

Venus is also linked to the things we deem worthy and find value in.

In terms of relationships – this could mean something gets shaken up either in your relationships with others, a romantic partner, or your relationship with yourself or your finances.

Only you can know how this eclipse energy might manifest in your life – it affects everyone differently.

The eclipse energy could also highlight any limiting beliefs you hold that are blocking you from having happier, more intimate relationships with other people.

The cosmic energy supports you in dissolving those limitations once and for all, as long as you are willing to acknowledge them.

Taurus illuminates a connection to our material lives and all that we desire to manifest and create.

Now is a great time to check the areas of your life where you are not thriving and take positive action to make improvements that align with your highest vision for yourself.

Work on Self-Esteem Issues and Confidence

Harness this cosmic energy to boost your self-esteem and confidence.

Instead of looking to others to validate you, begin to validate yourself.

Remind yourself too, that your self-worth comes not only from your human form and your achievements in this lifetime but from the divine source of life itself.

The energy of the Universe calls you to acknowledge and feel your integral part in the broader tapestry of life.

You are a human with an eternal soul, and your light will continue to burn long after your physical death.

When you feel the magnitude of that expansive truth, your confidence and sense of self intensify.

You realize that you have total power over yourself and your life.

I think it’s super important during these times to remember your personal sovereign power and draw upon the strength of your soul through connecting to the divine source, the Universe, God, Goddess, or whatever name you choose to describe it.

How to Deal with Intense Eclipse Energy?

Surrender is the name of the game.

When you surrender to the flow of life and stop trying to control everything around you, life will take you where you are supposed to be.

Eclipses tend to shake things up and put us where we need to be anyway, so it will serve you greatly to go with the flow of that and stop trying to resist change.

It’s worth remembering that surrendering is not being passive.

Surrender is a process of allowing, releasing, and accepting what life shows you.

It’s about being open to opportunities and laying aside the voice of worry inside you.

In its highest form, surrender is about faith in the divine Universe to guide you effortlessly forward.

If you can practice the art of surrender this month, you will release so much tension and unnecessary worry.

Try the following to practice surrender in your daily life:

  1. Meet your resistance and worry with an open heart.
  2. Stop with the judgment of yourself and others.
  3. Be present and grateful for everything no matter how small.
  4. Practice meditation and mindful breathing.
  5. Pause before you react or respond to anyone or anything.

You can use these affirmations to help you tune into the frequency of surrender.

“I trust in the process of life.”

“The Universe has a plan greater than mine.”

“I listen to my heart and let it lead the way.”

“I am taken care of.”

“I am open to new ways of living.”

“I surrender any attachments to a specific outcome.”

“I allow the Universe to deliver to me.”

Fully embrace this Taurus Lunar Eclipse and allow the energy to guide you towards the next step in your life’s journey with a full heart and an open, loving, and grateful attitude to whatever arises along the way.