This one is for all you stargazers and astrology lovers! April was an important month in our solar system with three planets turning retrograde, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. But before you panic about what this might signify let’s take a quick look at what a planet in retrograde actually means because it is not all bad!

Retrogrades are actually about a shift in perspectives. The planets do not literally start moving backward, it is an illusion created from our position on earth that makes them appear to take a backward motion. In the same way, the effects of retrogrades are on the way that we see things. Our perspective. The way things appear.

Here’s a closer look at what these three planetary energies moving in reverse signify for us all overall

Jupiter went retrograde on April 10 2019 and will turn direct again on 11 August 2019

Before it went retrograde Jupiter had been in its own sign of Sagittarius since November 2018 during which time it was able to express its best version of itself, full of pure, positive, boundless energy. Jupiter is seen as the lucky planet, one that represents abundance, expansion and positivity. So even when it goes retrograde, Jupiter still brings us those energies and in fact urges that we find the silver linings in any negativity. Jupiter retrograde wants us to look back over the past and reflect on those experiences. We should make an effort to see the past from a new mindset which can able us to release the old and move forward emphasizing the positive.

During Jupiter retrograde, you are being encouraged to take a spring cleaning of the soul. While retrogrades are about looking back and reviewing, Jupiter in retrograde is also an opportunity to take action in any areas of your life that have been lying stagnant. It is a great time to kick start your creativity and find inspiration rather than letting any small defeats stop your progress.
If you’ve been feeling stuck or lazy, Jupiter retrograde is the kind of energy that swoops into to help you get unstuck.

You can help this energy along by making a personal shift, perhaps in your daily routine or by changing where you’ve been placing your focus. In short if you can find a way to see the silver linings and direct your energy towards happiness, you will rediscover a much-needed sense of purpose in your life.

Taking simple steps towards living your higher purpose is greatly encouraged by a Jupiter retrograde. It’s a time to go inward, look for answers within and take action towards incorporating a sense of grace and joy in your daily life. You will find a renewed sense of direction, motivation and inspiration.

In short – trust yourself, avoid feelings of missing out on something (FOMO) and become aware of what makes you happy long term. Stop making comparisons on your social media feeds and make sure you take time to find out what joy looks like for you and align with it in order to be living your best life.

Jupiter moves out of retrograde on August 11, 2019, so you have a good chunk of time to use this astrological energy to your advantage.

Tips and Exercises for Jupiter Retrograde 2019

Tip – Don’t give into feelings surrounding the fear of missing out (FOMO) during this time. This time is for going inward and working on yourself.

This journaling exercise can help you prepare for and tackle the Jupiter Retrograde energy with positivity.
Think back to last November 2018 and take an inventory of any fun, positive and life-enhancing things that happened since then.

What happened that was challenging in the same time period? Do one or two things stand out that caused you to behave differently? Can you see what lessons are contained within these challenges?

Looking at these things that occurred, does anything jump out to you that needs to be changed, added or removed in order for you to feel more purposeful and inspired in your daily routine? See if you can find at least 1-3 things that you can incorporate as small changes or ways to start moving more in alignment with your highest self.

Saturn Retrograde- Saturn turned retrograde on April 29th until September 18th

Saturn is the planet that governs over time, structure, authority, rules, karma, wisdom and responsibility.

It is the planet of lessons, a strict teacher that challenges us to become our very best.
Saturn in retrograde can bring a chance to learn new lessons and take a reality check. It’s a time of assessing who you are and stepping away from all that is not authentically you. Saturn in retrograde is the time to perform a kind of cosmic check-in with yourself in order to take responsibility for your actions and live out your potential.

Think back to September 2018 and the things that have happened in your life between then and now. Are you pleased with your progress since last September? Now is the time to look back over your creations and achievements during that time period and decide if you are happy with them, and whether or not you are going in the direction you wish to.

Saturn urges us to take responsibility for our own actions, to look at our lives and acknowledge that we have control over what happens there based on our vibrations and choices. It brings us face to face with our own lives and forces us to look at what is not working and make changes. While things can happen that we do not control, Saturn wants us to remember that we always have control of our own feelings, emotions and reactions. Any harshness about Saturn in retrograde only comes in the form of owning the consequences of our actions.

During this retrograde, you have the chance to take your power back and stop blaming others for the things that you don’t like about your life. Saturn brings you the courage and motivation to make personal changes in a disciplined and consistent way.

Tips and Exercises for Saturn in Retrograde

Make a list of all the important things that have taken place in your life since September 2018 until now. Can you reflect on anything that happened that you may have not taken full responsibility for? Is there anything important that you learned? How could you better have done certain things? Is there anything you need to forgive yourself for?

Now see if there are any issues that stand out as still needing attention. Is there anything you can do now to rectify a problem? What patterns emerge from this review of the last few months? In taking the time to look back, you are identifying the lessons that Saturn is teaching you in your life.

Pluto Retrograde

Pluto went retrograde on April 24th until October 3rd 2019
Pluto is the planet of transformation, controlling the process of death and rebirth. It asks us to look at our shadow sides, our obsessions, addictive behaviors and internal issues and helps us to unearth them and bring them to the light. Pluto’s energy helps us to burn those dark aspects of ourselves and gives us the strength to rise up beyond them. When Pluto turns retrograde, despite it’s slow movement and it being the farthest planet from us, we still feel those energies strongly.

This will be a time to look within and heal. Pluto could bring experiences, situations and people into your life that connect you back to your past and act as a test of your ability to move beyond old triggers and ancient wounds. You may need to be tough during this time, but it is not negative. Pluto wants you to be born again from this shadow side and step into your power,. Pluto in retrograde is about a realization of who you truly are despite your traumas. It is a time to stop, take stock and see clearly where you still need healing. By shining a big light on your weak spots, Pluto in retrograde is a blessing that comes to teach you where you need to be tenacious, graceful and keep a constant, inner faith in your abilities.

Pluto in retrograde teaches us to clear out old ways that no longer serve us, to heal our wounds and to forgive and accept the past in order to step into our light in the present. As with all transformations that occur, it is not something that you can predict or force to happen. You must be open to whatever comes into your life that helps you make deep and lasting changes on a personal level. It could be a chance to discover what truly nourishes your soul and implement new ways of balancing your work and personal life in a way that makes you profoundly fulfilled. A return to your authenticity and a leap along the path of your personal process of evolution.

Pluto in retrograde will also serve as a general awakening to all humanity that we are all connected. It signifies a dramatic shift in consciousness regarding our collective lives on this planet as one big soul family.

Tips for sailing through Pluto Retrograde with Ease

  • Declutter your home (physical clutter equals emotional clutter)
  • Rest a lot and enjoy downtime without guilt.
  • Face up to your dark side (try regular journalling)

Journal Exercise for Pluto Retrograde

  • Go deep with some instinctive writing in your journal.
  • Make a list of all the qualities that you feel are most authentically YOU.
  • Make a list of all the things you would like to LET GO of in your life.
  • Make a list of behaviors/ situations/ feelings that no longer serve you.
  • Now write for at least ten minutes without stopping to read or think too much. The idea is to brainstorm creatively whatever comes to your mind regarding these lists. When you have finished, you may find that you have unearthed some important issues to look at, or have found ideas of ways you can start making positive changes in your life.

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