Experience the magical month of October, filled with exciting and powerful changes.

Feel the energy of transformation in the crisp dawns, Autumn winds, and the scent of wood fires burning.

Take a moment to reflect on your achievements and aspirations as you embark on a spiritual check-in with yourself.

Like farmers gathering the harvest, collect the fruits of your endeavors and celebrate your successes while acknowledging areas for improvement.

October is a time of transition, distinct from January’s clear intentions and September’s shifting energies.

Embrace the flow of this month and gracefully navigate the challenges with gratitude.

Find inspiration in nature’s guidance, as birds and animals gather for winter and the bountiful harvest awaits us. Let nature be your greatest teacher.

This October, discover the lightest, easiest, and most joyful way to embrace transitions. Dive into the possibilities of graceful transformation.

I am reminded often of how I once read about certain Native American tribes who referred to trees as the “one leggeds.”

I love that image, the tree kingdom can teach us so much about being grounded and yet able to shift, change, and bend in the wind while not being knocked off our base. 

The trees teach us about resilience, growth, and letting go.

They teach us about being grounded, nourishing our roots, and yet still reaching for the sky. 

Go out and seek your nearest tree! Whether you live near a forest, woodland, park, or simply a city street where there are trees. Observe the trees for a few minutes, noting their qualities and appreciating their nature. Then consider the following: 

Here are some powerful ways you can channel the wisdom and energy of the trees and experience great joy this October. 

1. Learn to shift without falling

What would life be without challenges and unexpected obstacles?

Life itself is change and unpredictability. Even the most predictable days contain the unexpected within them. 

Think about something in your life that you can learn to go with the flow around without losing your calm or your focus. 

Whatever that thing is, the next time you think about it or the next time it begins to cause you anxiety, picture yourself like a tree, bending and moving in the wind yet never falling over.

You are able to witness the coming and going of the seasons, the sun, and the rain, and you remain firm, connected to your inner stability. 

2. Learn to be unafraid to let go

The trees willingly surrender their leaves every Fall without resistance.

There are great lessons for us contained in that surrender.

What would it be like to allow things to leave your life easily and without a struggle? 

What do you need to let go of today? This month? This year? Learn from the trees and practice letting go of things that you know in your heart you can no longer cling to. 

The fear of loss and letting go is present within most people, we all have to experience it.

It’s an integral part of life. Once you surrender to change and the natural cycles of things, you learn that far from losing you are in fact creating space for the new. 

3. Ground yourself in the present stillness

Trees are, by nature, grounded. Their root systems are vast and yet we do not see them for the most part.

Trees are incredibly silent, strong, and still. 

There is much for us to learn from this stillness.

Sometimes when we are afraid or indecisive, we might jump to take the wrong kind of action.

The trees can teach us in those moments about the value of not doing and simply being.

Next time you feel compelled to react or lash out in retaliation, stop, take a few moments to be still, and simply feel, listen, and remain quiet. You might find that you change your mind about your next actions entirely. 

4. Don’t be afraid to take up space

Sometimes we keep ourselves small because life feels more comfortable that way.

We don’t realize that in not taking up space, we are dimming our own light in the world, shrinking instead of being as big as we need to be to show our gifts.

Perhaps this manifests as seeking external validation or not having the confidence to speak your truth. 

Trees, you will notice are entirely unapologetic about the space they take up.

There is no shrinking to fit in or apologizing for being big and stretching out. Trees are who they are, and that is what is so wonderful about them. 

In what ways can you be more of who you are?

In what ways can you learn to be powerful in your own space? 

Let October’s shifting winds blow you around as much as they like without ever forgetting your true, intuitive nature.

 Use this month to own your power and learn to flow with life’s changes with ease, stability, and gratitude. 

“If we surrendered to Earth’s intelligence, we could rise up rooted like trees.”
Rainer Maria Rilke