What’s special about the New Moon?


The moon and its cycles have a powerful influence on us, not only controlling the tides but also impacting our minds and emotions. The two major milestones are the new moon and the full moon, both of which mark important times for releasing, forgiveness and setting intentions.


The new moon marks the beginning of a new 28-day cycle which in turn is a wonderful opportunity for us to begin again too, setting intentions, visualizing goals and gathering new ideas. It’s a magnetic time, perfect for reflection and manifesting.


Every time there is a new moon, we are given the chance to start over, wipe the slate clean, purify, reflect and charge forward again in synchronicity with the lunar cycle as it begins to grow again. The new moon is always a good time to really think about what you want to manifest and dig deep to discover your truth.


New Moon in Gemini at 12 degrees

The next new moon is on Monday, June 3rd, 2019 at 12 degrees in Gemini. Gemini is all about communication, intellectual stimulation and a sense of restlessness. It is an auspicious time to be aware of the power of your words and to tune into your higher self and your connection to the Universe.


This new moon in Gemini has playful, restless and extroverted energy emphasizing the theme of communication.  Gemini is a mutable air sign associated with variety, sociability, and change. Mental stimulation and finding solutions are very possible during this time and it’s also wise to get reflective about what you really desire in your heart. This new moon brings a chance to get to the core of what is true for us. Discover harmony between what you are thinking, feeling and speaking.


Have you been holding onto something emotionally that you no longer need? Perhaps you’ve been used to seeing your life through a certain lens that no longer serves you. With the Gemini New Moon, you have the chance to look at things in a different light and revisit them to reveal a new perspective.


Ground yourself in the Present  

Around the date of this new moon, you should try to connect with nature as much as possible. Gemini brings with it quite a charged up energy so it’s a good idea to get as grounded as you can in order to find inner stability.


Any time that you can be outside and connected with the earth with the sun on your skin is helpful, there are healing ions that transmit to us from standing on the bare ground. This new moon is going to emphasize the energy and importance of our minds and words, so the ability to keep a solid emotional center is crucial.


Whenever you get a chance to sit quietly in nature use that time to just observe the birds and insects around you. There is something very calming about simply watching the way nature moves through periods of movement and stillness, and we can learn much from that to imitate in our own lives.


Check-in with Self-Talk and Communication

Under this Gemini new moon, it’s important to check in with the way you are speaking to yourself regularly. Gemini is about communication and the time of the new moon gives you an opportunity to analyze and refresh the words you use both with yourself and others.


It’s also a good time to improve your communication skills by listening to other points of view and being a little less dogged to find one suitable “answer” on any given topic. Can you hold space for other people by simply listening instead of always offering your opinion? Re-read your texts, emails, and letters before sending them. The power of the word is important now and this new moon is a great time for re-evaluating communication and social skills.


Build Affirmations

It’s also a perfect time to create new, positive affirmations that help you to realize the abundance and happiness you desire. If you tend to be very critical about yourself, use this time to really turn that around, choosing instead words and praise and uplift you.


Become aware of your Choices

Gemini rules choice and decision making, sometimes those born under this sign have trouble sticking to one thing, restlessly moving from idea to idea, easily bored. Under this new moon become aware of the choices that you make in each moment. Make an effort to step back and be aware of how you react to things and the choices that are available to you in any given moment. There are great and positive life lessons to be had from teaching yourself to be aware of the conscious choice you have in every reaction, even in the most challenging of situations. Ask yourself what is the best way for me to react for me and for others in my life.


Boost your Social Circle

Gemini has a very quick, inventive, networking energy which is great for expanding your social circles and getting out there and meeting new people. You’ll find you can squeeze a lot into your days, this moon energy is busy and fast-moving. Take time to gather with your friends and family to share ideas, a meal or a walk in the park. It’s a wonderful time to brainstorm new concepts, start projects and get a stimulating conversation going with your peers. Don’t forget your family either, Gemini wants us to keep connected, write your siblings a letter or pick up the phone and check-in with those you maybe don’t see as often.


Unleash Creative Urges

Gemini also urges us to express ourselves in words, pictures or music. Even if you do not normally consider yourself creative, pick up a pen and start journaling, sketching or just expressing yourself however you naturally desire. The act of processing your thoughts creatively is incredibly healing, and you never know what ideas may spring forth from it.


Manifest your desires with the moon

You can sync your energy to the cycles and vibration of the moon to feel more connected with your emotions and intuition. When you know how to tune in to your own feelings, emotions, and desires you can use the moon as a potent cosmic tool for manifesting.


The effects of the new moon in Gemini will last four weeks up to the July solar eclipse. The best time for setting intentions and beginning any new projects is as close to the new moon as possible or during the following week.

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