As humans, we all yearn for something, something that goes beyond our materialistic wants.

We have a deep need for love, to feel like we belong, a desire for esteem, and to feel safe.

And while we may not always be aware of it, these universal human desires guide us in ways that define who we are.

And if we take the time to examine them closely, these desires can serve as our compass in life.

The Law of Attraction (LOA) teaches us that what we focus on, we attract.

By focusing our energy on these fundamental needs, we can attract the fulfilling life that we truly want.

So let us acknowledge these basic human desires and use them as stepping stones towards a life of contentment and joy.


As simple as craving approval—its concept extends beyond feeling accepted by people we know.

An important part of acceptance is self-acceptance.

When we deny parts of ourselves, we stray from who we truly are, and this is where internal peace becomes elusive.


Our hunger for knowledge is something that we all desire.

As we find ways to satisfy our curiosity, we also take pleasure in the feeling of wonder.

For some, the hunger for knowledge may be about learning about things that inspire passion.

Curiosity is also crucial when developing mindfulness toward connecting with the present moment. 


Our desire to follow moral codes encourages our desire for honor because it allows us to access feelings of loyalty.

It is often linked with our desires to be seen in a positive light by people who are important to us. 


This is based on our desire for routine and organization.

It is essential to maintain our overall health, and it is associated with a feeling of stability. 


Our drive for idealism comes from the desire for social justice.

We express it by taking actions to correct what looks unfair or by giving one’s time, energy, or goods to others who are in need.

Along with this behavior comes the feeling of compassion. 


This is motivated by our desire for self-reliance, and it is expressed in varying degrees.

Whichever you choose to express your desire for independence, it always carries with it a feeling of freedom. 

So, what is the importance of these universal desires?

There is a consistent message behind all of them, and that is, to find a healthy balance that will allow you to move toward your goals effectively. 

You need to let go of the idea that anyone’s desire is better or worse than another.

Recognize that humans are nuanced and cannot be completely understood. 

As with each of our universal desires, you need to be mindful of the extremity in which the desire and its associated behaviors are expressed. 

Keep in mind—we are the way we are, we desire the things we desire, and all of these cannot be summed up in one word.

When you fully recognize this, you will notice you will feel freer of anxiety and fear, which will open a wider path towards manifestation and accepting what the Universe sends our way.