We place so much emphasis on the Full and New Moon parts of the lunar cycle, but what about the waxing moon?

How can you work with the powerful energy of this cycle and use it as a tool to further your visions? 

The lunar cycle lasts for 29.5 days, during which time the moon takes many different shapes. 

At the New Moon, it’s as though the moon has gone from sight, but this is simply due to the fact that the sun is right in front of it, blocking the light from our vision. 

When we have a Full Moon, the moon reflects the full light of the sun and we see it in its entirety. 

When the moon wanes, it’s fading back from full to a crescent of light (the typical moon shape), before disappearing again. 

When the moon is waxing, it is getting fuller and brighter each day as it builds toward the full moon. 

These are the two weeks between the New Moon and the Full Moon, and guess what? 

This is an ideal time to take positive action and make progress on your intentions. 

This Waxing Moon Phase is full of steadily building power.

It’s brimming with expansive creativity, magnetism, and abundance. 

You can see that literally by how the moonlight increases night by night across the surface of the moon. 

Think of this time like a snowball gathering more and more snow. 

Anything you do during this waxing phase to further your desires and take action on your vision will gather speed, strength, and positivity before climaxing at the Full Moon. 

A lot of us set intentions at the New Moon and then just forget about what should happen next.

Learning how to tap into the power of the waxing moon is a real game changer in boosting your intentions. 

Let’s get into the magic of what you can do to harness all this great power!

A Simple Ritual to Bring in Your Desires 

You will need:

Pen and paper

Two crystals of choice (clear quartz or rose quartz are great)

All you need to do is to choose one specific intention or desire and write it down your piece of paper. 

When you write it down, always use an affirming, present tense, and positive phrase. 

For example,

I am confident and aligned with my perfect partner. 


I am easily earning (whatever sum you desire). 

I attract the wealth I desire

I am living my dream life 

Choose what most aligns with your desires at this moment.

Don’t worry if you feel like you have too many desires to choose! Just go with the first one that comes to you. 

Now place your paper between your crystals and place it somewhere in your vision.

Choose a location where you will continue to see it regularly for the next two weeks as the Moon goes through its waxing phase. 

You could also place it outside, under the moonlight, and leave it there until the Full Moon.  

Remember, the more you work in conjunction with the moon, the more connected you will feel to its magic. 

Trust your gut feeling and always listen to your higher self when setting your intentions. 

Enjoy the creative expansion of the Waxing Moon!