Are you feeling ready for a reset? A new beginning?

A fresh perspective? 

Good news if so, for this Leo New Moon on August 16th, 2023 brings the beginning of a new lunar cycle.

As always, the New Moon showers us with the fresh energy of renewal.

If you’ve been longing to clear your slate and start over, this is the kind of cosmic energy you need behind you! 

If you have been feeling anxious about something, indecisive, or simply confused about which way to go, the New Moon can offer guidance and clarification about where you should place your focus. 

Intention setting is also turbocharged during this phase of the lunar cycle.

 New Moons are a marker each month for getting clear on your desires and knowing what you want to manifest going forward. 

Leo’s energy is linked to creativity, confidence, courage, and self-expression. 

Here are some New Moon ritual ideas that draw upon those qualities. 

Bay Leaf Intention Setting Spell 

The Leo energy of passion and creativity is symbolized by fire, (Leo is ruled by the Sun) and you can use that to help set intentions at the New Moon. 

Take a dried bay leaf and write your wish or goal onto it (or just imagine that it represents your desire). 

Now burn it safely (outside or in a fireplace), and allow the smoke to carry your desire out and up into the magic of the Universe. 

Infuse your Intentions with Creativity 

Make your intention-setting a little more ‘Leo’ by adding a drawing, a poem, or a story to your visions. 

Draw upon your inner artistic senses and express what you want to manifest visually through images or words. 

You may notice that you feel inspired to return to forgotten passion projects during this time, or perhaps you will be guided back to a hobby you had long left behind. 

Either way, using this creative energy to charge your intentions is a great way to align with the cosmic power of Leo. 

Meditate with Citrine 

Citrine is a beautiful yellow, orange crystal associated with the sun and the element of fire – perfect for setting intentions with the Leo New Moon. 

Citrine is a highly positive crystal known for its power to increase your abundance, self-confidence, creativity, and luck. 

  • Simply sit quietly with your citrine crystal in your hand. 
  • Focus on your breathing. Take light, easy breaths. 
  • Visualize a beautiful golden light like the sun shining out from your citrine crystal and entering your body. 
  • Spend some minutes here feeling the warmth and positive energy of the crystal, infusing you with abundance and the ability to attract your desires into your life. 
  • Feel yourself growing in confidence and vibrance. 

Dance into the Frequency of Your Desires 

Think ‘Leo’ and you think movement, expression, and dance! Move your body and connect with that inner fire.

It’s an amazing way to release stagnant energy blocks and release emotions. 

Use this as a way to remove negative thoughts that may be obstructing your dreams from coming true.

Put on your favorite track and let yourself just move freely as you feel good.

Do this from a place of happiness, fun, and playful spontaneity. 

It’s a great way to immediately lift your energetic vibration and align you with the frequency of what you want to manifest. 

Happy New Moon in Leo!