What if you finally find the courage to pursue your passion?

To go all out on your dream business? Only to find out that you’re on the verge of closing it down.

Will you give in? Or will you fight and continue to dream?

Beep… Beep… Beep.

Ahh. The sound of a new day.

Catherine reached for her alarm clock and turned it off.

It was music to her ears because it signified another day to do what she loved — brew coffee.

She got up with a smile on her face, ready to give her all for her passion.

After arriving at her coffee shop, Ready Set Brew, she looked around and felt her eyes tearing up.

It wasn’t always like this. Her heart was overflowing with gratitude each time she entered her cafe.

Catherine wanted to clean before she flipped the sign on the door to open, so she took off her golden bracelet and placed it in the east part of her cafe.

The sun’s rays shot through the window, hitting the bracelet directly.

The glow caught her eye, and she couldn’t stop herself from smiling.

Catherine walked towards the bracelet and lightly touched the smooth golden stones with yellow hues that seemed to glitter.

She breathed out a sigh, “Funny how I almost thought of giving up.”

She couldn’t help but reminisce about the dark days during the onset of the pandemic.

The cafe was dark. It was 5:30 pm, and the sun had set, but there were still a few people meandering around.

Catherine sat at one of the tables in her thoughts, feeling like she had already lost everything.

When she first opened up this place, it seemed to be going really well, with so many customers coming in every day, even amid the pandemic.

But as soon as people stopped coming, her business began to die off quicker than she could keep up with it.

The discounts she created, the promos — nothing worked.

And then, after being buried underneath piles of debt from trying to keep the business afloat for so long.

The pandemic worsened and finished what little life the cafe had left inside of it.

“Why did I have to leave my job?” She kept on thinking as regret and fear surrounded her.

Catherine could only question her choices.

If she didn’t leave her 9-5 job, she might still have some savings left, and she wouldn’t be in this situation.

“I’m sorry, Catherine,”the man said, his voice laced with pity.

“But we can’t give you any lease extension. It sounds like you are barely making enough to keep your cafe open.”

Catherine felt her eyes well up with tears as she heard the words that confirmed what she had been dreading for weeks now.

Closing her shop seemed like such a daunting task, and it made her feel so sad inside of herself that she couldn’t help but think about how much harder it was going to be without this place where everything seemed possible.

Now, as she was about to close the door to her cafe, she couldn’t help but feel the fear and anxiety drowning her.

All she could think was, I could never recover from this.

I am such a failure. I wish I could have just stayed in my job so I wouldn’t be in this position.

Instantly, limiting beliefs surrounded her.

Catherine started talking to her suppliers and vendors, explaining what was going on in her business.

But then one of the guys said:

“I know it’s a tough time right now, but maybe you can do something about it. I was in your position before, and I was devastated. Try searching for this guy online. I’m telling you; he’s the key for my business today.”

That night, Catherine searched for Alexander Wilson.

She came across a website that offered bracelets and pendants with beautiful stones — each catering to what anyone needed in their life.

She saw a lovely golden bracelet and thought, this is crazy, but what’s the worst thing that could happen?


The bell on the counter brought Catherine back to the present.

Customers were coming in, and she couldn’t feel any happier.

Who would have thought that after a year of struggle, she was finally living the life of her dreams?

Catherine didn’t know anything about crystals, but now she knew how powerful they were.

The moment she bought the Wealth & Luck Tiger Eye Bracelet, she wasn’t expecting an immediate change in her life and business.

But it was only after a few days that she felt her fear and anxiety slowly diminish.

It’s like she had a spark of hope.

Then after three months, her best friend decided to invest in her cafe and help her create an online presence where people could order and have their drinks delivered straight to their doorstep.

Money was flowing into her direction, and her business was expanding.

Because of the excellent service of Ready Set Brew, people started coming to the cafe the moment the community quarantines were lifted.

Business was good. Catherine felt empowered.

Somehow, her limiting beliefs were replaced by supporting beliefs, and positivity surrounded her.

Today, all her debt had been paid, and she could pay bills on time.

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