The desire to declutter often stems from a yearning for some kind of mental tranquillity, peace, space, and calm in our lives. We see images of minimal workspaces and beautiful homes and think we’d like to create that kind of intentional beauty for ourselves.

What you might not realize is that decluttering is actually about a lot more than just creating physical space. It’s also a vital tool for manifestation AND an opportunity for spiritual growth.

Why? Well, something kind of magical happens once we start the decluttering process.

We learn things about ourselves. And I don’t just mean we remember why we kept all those old letters and postcards from 20 years ago! I mean we actually begin to confront some profound truths about ourselves, such as:

  • Why we attach power to particular objects, and how we identify with a sense of value, identity and security through those objects.
  • How our clutter often represents procrastination and ways of avoiding things, and how we must address and shift those patterns and habits to declutter.
  • What matters to us and why, and how we can learn to let mindfully go of things.
  • What is truly important to us in our lives and how we can align with those values through the objects we decide to keep or let go of.

There is a real relationship between decluttering and aligning with the life you desire to live.

Manifesting gets a lot easier when you are not blocked, be it physical, emotional or mental.

Decluttering liberates you from being stuck and allows for the flow of high vibration energy so that you can manifest the life you dream of.

Clutter can also look like more than just piles of books and too many clothes.

Clutter can also be:

  • Unfinished creative projects
  • Unfulfilling relationships
  • An inability to make decisions
  • Mental chaos in the form of negative thinking and victim mentality
  • Bad time management and procrastination
  • Physical pain or addictions

What you will find is that as you go through the process of reducing your belongings, you will also begin to shed some of that mental clutter too.

It’s much easier to focus on creative projects when you have let go of all that “stuff” crowding your home. Allowing for more space in your house or workplace creates space in your mind and a sense of healthy control.

You’ll be surprised at how deeply you can affect your behavior with simple decluttering! I personally found that I got a lot more respectful of my own time when I decluttered my workspace. I learned to set boundaries with people and stopped feeling the need to answer every email or phone call when I was in my creative mode—in short, decluttering helped me to focus better and take care of myself and my needs first.

So let’s take a look at how you can best start your decluttering process. I am sure that you will discover your spiritual truths and realizations as you go along.

Simplicity is Key

Consider how everything has a vibration, whether it is your favourite t-shirt or a beautiful glass vase. Only you can say whether or not an object has a vibration that you wish to keep in your home or not. Whether that object carries a vibration that you no longer need to have around, or whether it gives off a frequency that you find enhances your life.

This is your decision to make and yours alone.

Some people suggest putting all the clothes you haven’t worn in a bag, and if you don’t wear them again in the next month, you can dispose of them.

I personally advocate for a more individual process of connection to each item.

Here are my tips to make that process easier:

As you tackle piles of clutter, be it clothes, books, kitchenware or your bathroom cabinet, ask yourself this question every single time.

What is important to me in my life?

Your answer is going to be very unique. It might be love and family. Or creativity and travel. Or health and happiness. It might be all those things!

But once you know what is essential to you in your life, you can then ask:

Is this item still essential to me? If it’s not essential and I still want it, why do I want it?

In order to be able to let something go, you have to know why you don’t need it in your life.
To toss anything out, you have to consider what you feel is essential, and what isn’t.

That question – What is Important to me in my life? means, what kind of life do you want to live? What do you value? And does this item align with that?

You can also bear in mind that the power objects seem to have only exists inside you.

For example, that old shirt you have that you loved and wore for many years may hold some good memories, but those memories are in your mind, not in the shirt. When you don’t have the shirt with you, the memories will remain.

It is you that holds power to bring those memories to life again and smile about them.

Of course, if you feel you still want to keep sentimental objects, that is entirely up to you. I merely want to point that in the end, the objects are not what makes you happy, it’s the memories. And those memories remain.

I understand that holding onto certain objects can make us happy and I don’t believe you have to throw out everything to declutter successfully! But I do think it’s worth remembering the power that you have in your mind to evoke the kind of life you desire.
Going deep and connecting to your instinct can be of great help when you are decluttering.

The more in tune with yourself and the kind of life you want to live, the easier it will be for you to know whether or not you need to hold onto something.

So my final piece of advice before decluttering is to close your eyes for a few minutes before you begin and just connect to the silence within.

Ask your higher self to guide you to the truth and to be able to decide quickly and effectively what you need to keep and what you need to let go of.

Happy Decluttering! May your Life be transformed this October!