What if the life you planned crumbled? You have nothing.

You’re back to zero with no job, no house, no savings, and to top it all, a pile of debt.

How do you get back from that? How do you pull yourself from the pit that’s swallowing you whole?

And there’s no answer in sight.

* * * * *

“Yes, dad. Just put it there. I’ll arrange it later. Thank you.”

Jennifer said to her father who was helping her unpack stuff since she was moving in with them in the meantime.

She couldn’t believe it. She was turning forty, and yet here she was… back to her parents’ house that she couldn’t wait to get out of when she was young.

Jennifer just shook her head. What happened to her?

One day, she was living in her apartment, working a job that paid bills and led her to have a good life. Where was it all now?

Jennifer was homeless, jobless, and moneyless. She went inside her room and noticed how her parents never changed a thing.

At this point, all she wanted to do was break down and stay on the floor.

But she had to be strong. She didn’t want to let her parents stress about her.

After unpacking her stuff, she sat down on the bed. That’s when her emotions hit her hard.

She wasn’t sure how it happened or when it started, but life seemed to be getting harder and harder for her.

She looked around her old room and noticed how her pictures from a teenager were still on the wall.

Jennifer touched the stickers on her old closet. She couldn’t help but think about where the 39 years went?

Looking back, all she wanted was to have a good life, good savings, and of course… a house of her own. But it seemed so far away now.

Losing a job and being in debt made her feel like a failure.

Beyond that, she just hit rock bottom. She’s living with her parents again!

She’s 39 years old, though her parents are great; they’ve always been close, but deep inside, Jennifer didn’t want to burden them with her problems.

She felt embarrassed, but she had no choice.

A couple of weeks had passed, and Jennifer still didn’t have a job.

She was persistent in applying for any job vacancies, but it felt like nothing opened up for her… luck was nowhere to be found.

She had little to no savings left and couldn’t deny that her fear was worsening. Anxiety kept creeping on her.

Every night, she lay in bed with thoughts of what was next, but her mind was blank.

The only solace she had was her hobby… reading books has always had a special place in her heart.

Every single time she read a novel, it was like she was being transported to a different world.

Her worries would fade, but after that, reality would come crashing down on her.

This was when she realized that maybe, just maybe, she should have a support group. New friends that would lift her spirits.

She began searching online, and after browsing for an hour, she found a book club that was reading the same novels that she was into.

She eagerly joined and found it refreshing.

“This is good. Something new is always good.” Jennifer said to herself.

She didn’t know if she was trying to convince herself or did she actually believe that something good would come out of this?

It was nice to talk to people about her interests and share what books impacted one’s life the most.

But if there’s one thing she noticed, why did everyone’s aura look bright?

They all generated positive energies in their posts and discussions.

Every member had a vibe that made her feel that this might be a place where she’d feel happy.

What’s more, almost all the people inside the book club were wearing a red string bracelet.

Jennifer pushed her chair back and distanced herself from her laptop, and did some research.

“Oh no. Did I just enter a weird group or something? Why are they wearing the same bracelet? What did I get myself into?” she muttered under her breath and began awkwardly laughing.

This couldn’t possibly be like those awkward groups online, right? She thought.

But when she saw the book club leader’s profile page, he was wearing one too!

Jennifer placed her palms on her face in disbelief. “I am going crazy. What’s the bracelet for anyway?!”

After saying her worries out loud, she suddenly received a message from one of the group members.

Laila asked her what she was doing, and they easily got into the conversation.

She then opened up if she wanted a red string bracelet. Jennifer was shocked.

Was it a coincidence that someone immediately chatted her with what she was initially curious about?

Maybe the Universe was listening after all.

After their engagement, Jennifer browsed online and found the bracelet everyone in the book club was wearing.

This was when she started laughing…

So, the coast was clear; nothing to worry about.

It was just her imagination because the bracelet was a lucky charm that provided positive energy and motivation to the wearer.

“Must be why most of them look like they have no worries in life.” she thought.

Jennifer decided to take a leap of faith and ordered one for herself.

Never Give Up

It has been a month since Jennifer lost her job, and she was feeling really down.

Ding dong…

When she walked to the door and saw that it was a delivery, she smiled, thinking it might be the bracelet she had ordered.

It was! Jennifer wore it right away.

That night, she couldn’t hold back any longer and decided to talk to one of the members of the book club she was in.

Jennifer mentioned that she noticed how everyone was wearing the same bracelet and laughed.

Jenna, the one she was talking to, laughed with her. He said,

“No, this is definitely not some weird group. The bracelet started on a random day with someone sharing how it changed their life for the better.”

“Some of us tried it and saw positive changes in our lives, and eventually, everyone joined in and ordered. It’s truly a lucky charm. I can order one for you if you want.”

She felt relieved for the clarity. “To be honest, I just received mine today. I ordered one because…”

Jennifer explained her situation, and Brian assured her to just let go of the worries and trust the Universe. He said,

“The Universe might be saying no to your wants and needs right now, but this is just a redirection to the path that’s for you.”

Jennifer’s Lucky Charm

Jennifer’s hope didn’t waver. She continued to apply until one day, she saw a job post that had amazing benefits.

She submitted her resume and held on the bracelet on her left wrist.

“May this be the path for me,” she whispered. And what happened next shocked her.

The very next day, the company called her and invited her to an interview.

They liked her and how competitive her qualifications were.

They discussed that they offered free housing, health, dental, vision, and life insurance, along with that as a weekly incentive if she did well.

She was beaming and accepted the job offer. She ran down the stairs and announced the great news to her parents.

She was grateful for their help and said that she would make it up to them.

* * * * *

Jennifer looked at the house in front of her. It might not be hers, but this was a start.

Her dreams were finally happening. A house, a job… next up, savings.

She would be able to live the life she always wanted.

Beyond that, things were also going well with Brian, one of the members she befriended at the book club.

Who could have thought? When it rained, it actually poured.

Abundance was coming to her from different directions, and all she had was a grateful heart, grit, and a lucky red string copper bracelet.

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