The holidays are the perfect time to harness the grounded, ambitious energy of Capricorn.

However you spend this festive season, it’s important to keep your eye firmly on your goals.

Of course, celebrating with family and friends is important, but my advice would be to enjoy any downtime while still being aware of all you want to manifest and bring into reality.

That’s because the current cosmic energy is all about forging ahead and making great strides towards your dreams — if you’re making sure you are aligned with your highest self.

Capricorn energy is hard-working, disciplined, and persevering.

Represented by the Sea-Goat — a mythical creature that can climb the highest, hardest mountain terrain and swim the vast oceans.

It has both strength, mystic power, and dogged determination.

If you are a Capricorn, you will know this about yourself!

You don’t give up and are capable of extreme focus.

For those of us who are not Capricorns, we can still use this energy of determination and practical hard work to fuel our lives.

If you need a little extra help navigating the holidays, Capricorn energy comes to the rescue.

It helps you steer your way through any obstacles and chaotic dynamics that may occur.

It will help you to tread lightly through this season, letting things flow as you move gracefully towards 2022 with motivation and renewed vigor.

This Sea-Goat Capricorn energy is also wonderful for clearing through the clutter, whether physical or emotional.

It comes with a certain magic that helps you get right to the root of things, getting things done and clearing through debris to see clearly what needs to be removed from your life.

Capricorn energy highlights for all of us, what’s required to keep the motivation going towards fulfilling our dreams.

If you have your eyes set on big goals, remember that doing something small towards those big goals every single day is key.

You can use this energy to boost your efforts, persistence, and willpower.

Capricorn energy is perfect for ambitious folks but remember, it’s also an Earth sign, and as such comes with a calming, grounding energy too — ideal for making sure your dreams are rooted in a reality you believe in!

Here are Some Ways you Can Harness Capricorn Season with Success.

  • Ground your energy around trees or mountains.
  • Make a plan of action for the week / month ahead.
  • Be sure to check in with your daily achievements and allow yourself to feel good about meeting small goals.
  • Create a contingency plan for when you cannot meet your goals. (i.e, if I do not spend an hour exercising, I will do 20 star jumps before bed).
  • Practice self-care with earthy essential oils such as Sandalwood, YlangYlang, Cedarwood, and Rosemary.
  • Create crystal grids with Citrine, White Howlite, Green Aventurine, and Black Obsidian.
  • Start a new daily practice such as journaling or meditation.
  • Eat plenty of warming, nourishing, and grounding plant foods.
  • Take warm baths and meditate on affirmations that help you feel motivated and determined to reach your goals.

Affirmations for Capricorn Energy

I can do this.

I got this.

I am capable.

I feel successful.

I am powerful and can make my dreams come true.

I am willing to do the work to make changes in my life.

I know I have what it takes to create enormous change.

I am responsible for my life and I choose happiness whenever I can.

I am excited and positive about the life I am creating and the person I am becoming.

I am grateful for every decision that brought me here.

One of the most important things to remember is that whatever your current reality is is a reflection of all that you have thought up to now — and you always have the power to change it.

Whatever decisions or accumulation of actions have brought you to where you are currently, are a result of the thoughts you have chosen to think.

If you don’t like what your life looks like — you have the power to change it.

Capricorn helps us to tune into the Law of Attraction, reminding us that we can take control of our lives at any moment, directing our energy, focus, and power towards the things that we want in life.

When you get rid of the feelings of ‘I should have done…’ or ‘If only I had..’ and just take responsibility for whatever you are doing and thinking right now — things can change in an instant.

So, please enjoy Capricorn season, tune into these hard-working and disciplined energies, and make sure you take care of yourself on all levels.

Create a balance between relaxation, fun, and productivity!

It is possible to reach your dreams.

You hold the key to your future in your own hands.

Happy Holidays everyone.