All things are yours.

All you need to do is believe it, and it’s yours.

If you’re looking to attract more prosperity into your life, you can do so.

You can cast a bewitching spell to channel prosperous vibrations.

Are you ready? But first…

Be Careful With Your Intentions

This applies to all types of spells you will use—whether it’s for love, career, and in this case, prosperity—make sure you have the right intentions. Having the best intentions will increase the vibrations of the spell that will align it to the right vibrations.

Perform a Ritual to Invoke Your Intention

Perform a ritual that will invoke your intention. Here is a simple ritual you can do:

What you’ll need:

  • 3 white candles
  • 1 strip of paper
  • On the paper, write this down:

  • Money is easy to come into my life.
  • The Ritual:

    1. Find a place where you can be alone, Make sure that you will not be disturbed while you’re performing the ritual.
    2. Sit where you’re comfortable and take deep breaths. Let go of any thoughts, feelings, and concerns.
    3. Light the first candle and tell yourself, “Higher Self, join me in this ritual, to add your love and energy to the abundance I seek.”
    4. Light the second candle and tell yourself, “My soul, join me in this ritual and add your love and energy to the abundance I seek.”
    5. Light the third candle and tell yourself, “Angel Gadiel, join me in this ritual to add your love and energy to release and heal and negativity that may be in the way of receiving prosperity and abundance.
    6. Close your ends and bask in the love of your Higher Self, your soul, and Angel Gadiel. Allow yourself some time to receive this information.
    7. Open your eyes and hold the slip of paper; read it aloud in your mind. Imagine a change in your world if you let this belief take hold in your subconscious mind. Think about how your life would be different if you never ever had to worry about money.

    You can do this ritual every time you plan to cast a prosperity spell. Or, you can also do this every time you feel like it!

    Put Your Faith in Action

    Even if you cast a powerful spell, the money you want won’t just come knocking at your door. You still need to take action, such as raising your vibrations, staying positive, taking time to meditate and visualize, etc. The little things matter a lot!

    Find Your Spell

    Now, there are many prosperity spells you can use today. Find something you’re truly comfortable in and is doable for you.

    Here you can find prosperity spells you can use to attract more wealth into your life.

    Cast the spell & captivate the Universe.

    Prosperity is yours for the taking.