Does this sound familiar to you?

Let’s say you saw a bag that you want to buy, but in your mind, all you can hear are negative thoughts saying:

“You can’t afford that!”, “It’s a waste of money.”, “As if you have that much money”.

This is one of the signs that your mind is sabotaging you.

It’s not because it can think on its own or anything, but it’s because you might have trained it to be that way.

Perhaps, from your childhood days, you formed a negative relationship with money, and now you can’t let it go.

It can also manifest in other aspects of your life, like in your work or love life.

If you keep having limiting beliefs telling you, “You will never go far“; ”You won’t find someone who truly values you” — then it’s time to change things.

When your rational, conscious mind (the part of you that wants to achieve success clashes with your subconscious mind, you commit self-sabotage (the side of you that holds you back with the negative comments).

Why? Because it is simpler for your brain to manage disappointment than it is to pursue satisfaction.

It is the source of our harmful behaviors. It’s easier to become great at having a bad life than to suck at having a wonderful life, even if the result is worth it.

So, how can you stop self-sabotaging?

The answer: Mind Movies

Once you get to know your mind more, you will find that it’s so easy to let go of these sabotaging thoughts.

Mind Movies will help you achieve the abundance and success you wish for in life.

It will give you a guided meditation that will open doors to limitless abundance and will get rid of your self-sabotaging ways.