Have you picked up on the fact that 2019 and 2020 are being described as the years of awakening? Many spiritual gurus and astrologers are discussing the imminent changes to come and ascension energies on their blogs and in their forecasts. 


I know that sometimes this kind of information can be confusing or overwhelming,  so I’ll be putting together summaries of important cosmic transits and alignments going forward. Simple, easy to digest information is so important for everyone to gain clarification on what to expect during this time and how it will affect us all on a global and individual level. 


The year 2020 will bring with it some of the most important cosmic energy that we have witnessed in a very long time. This cosmic energy is potentially life-altering and offers an important opportunity for humanity to ascend into higher levels of consciousness. What does that mean? That the vibration of our planet Earth is going to be transforming and rising, and this, in turn, has an effect on our spiritual growth as a collective and as individuals. It’s a truly wonderful time to be alive.


The alignment of Pluto and Saturn has a lot to do with what is unfolding. The two planets will be conjunct in Capricorn and that sets the tone for the year 2020. This Pluto and Saturn conjunction cycle is something that occurs every 28 -32 years and signifies global changes and huge shifts and awakenings for humanity. 


The last time these two planets aligned in Capricorn specifically was hundreds of years ago! So we who are alive today have not experienced that energy before. Pluto and Saturn will align on January 12, 2020, and this alignment will have an effect on the entire year. 


Many are referring to this conjunction in Capricorn as a symbol of the end of a long cycle on earth that has been all about power, control, domination and competition and as a marker of a new age with the much more positive energies of connection, compassion, and collaboration. This is why we may see some really huge global shifts in terms of the law, banking, government, and business. 


Saturn is all about law and order and assuming responsibility for our own lives, whereas Pluto is about transformation, authenticity, and awakening. 


On a soul, individual level it signifies a time of deep inward reflection and rebirthing to truly live in alignment with what serves us. It’s time to wrap up the old patterns on a personal level and as a collective species. This year is about removing stuck energy, releasing old patterns and truly emerging into a new way of living. A new paradigm that comes with the dawning of the age of Aquarius in 2020. 


2019 is in many ways a year of preparation for these huge shifts that are coming our way. Much of astrology that is happening this year is a push for us to be releasing, surrendering and digging deep into ourselves. We have seen and will continue to experience powerful full moons, eclipses, and potent planetary retrogrades and alignments. 


 In numerology, 2019 is a 3 year which means it’s a perfect year for self-expression, a chance to be authentic, creative and keep shining our individual lights. All of this will help us to reach higher vibrations.


We are all truly embodiments of love and when we work hard to move into alignment with our dreams and connect to our authentic essence, we can express ourselves without fear. This is the most powerful way to change our own lives and indeed change the world. 

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