I’ve received this letter from a reader. It’s her story, not mine, although I
stand behind it 100%. This is also the first time when I share an mail
because there is so much wisdom and beauty in what I’m about to show

So what is this all about?

Alice is a woman of 42 from Florida. Five years ago, she was in a tough
spot. Everything that could go wrong, was going wrong. She was going
through a divorce and she was fighting for custody of her two boys. The
company for which she was working went bankrupt and while they still
employed her, she knew her days were numbered. Her father had a heart-
attack and was hospitalized.

All three three happened at the same time and Alice was alone, trying to
figure a way out. And she did. She manifested the life she desires, a life
she’s living right now. In retrospect, she’s thrilled for everything that
happened because looking back, everything happened in her advantage.

But how Alice manifested her dream life really caught my attention because
there are so few people practicing this old art. She wrote a letter to herself,
a letter that came true almost entirely.

And after you read Alice’s account, I invite you to do the same thing.

So let have her tell you the story now.

“Hi Alexander.

I’m Alice and I want to share with you my personal transformation. I’ve
manifested a new life for myself and while few people believe it was LoA,
and put it on luck or anything else, we know better, don’t we?

(wink, wink)

There’s so much to say and I don’t even know where to begin. So let me
start with the beginning.

About five – six years ago, I knew I’ve made a few wrong choices in my life.
I was leaving my husband after I discovered that he was cheating on me,
with his assistant. I was also in a custody battle for the kids as he felt that I
spent too much time at work and had no job being a mother. I doubt he
even knew the date of their birthdays.

The company I was working in was in a terrible shape. We were under
chapter 11 so we were still open but virtually bankrupt. I worked 14 years
there, raising through the ranks, from a simple assistant to the COO of the
company. I was afraid that I’m not just going to lose a job but my meaning,
my purpose, as my work was everything for me.

And soon after, tragedy struck. My father had a heart attack. I flew to
Atlanta to see him right away and seeing him there, in the hospital bed,
was heartbreaking. You know why? Because my father is a proud and
strong man and I’ve never seen him suffering so much. He wasn’t suffering

because of the heart attack but because he felt like he had no more control
over his life.

So I was under a lot of stress.

I was crying almost every day, always when alone.

And I did not understand what to do. All my life was coming undone, was
burning to the ground, and I was feeling paralyzed, like there’s nothing in
this world I can do.

Then a friend of mine gave me the book “The Secret”.

Now don’t get me wrong… at first I thought it’s a scam. I mean, sure, I
believed in some things but for me, success came down to hard work and
consistency. I did not believe I could attract anything or that the universe
gave a damn about me.

So I’ve left it on a bookshelf for a few days… then weeks.

Then one night, more out of respect for my friend who kept asking me if I
read it, I tried it. I’ve read one page. And then five. And then ten. You know
what? I’ve finished the book in just one sitting.

And while I was the most skeptical person, you could ever meet before,
something clicked. It was like I was blind and now I could see, even if my
nagging mind would still tell me “yeah, sureeee”.

The next day, I received this divine inspiration to write a letter to myself.

I can’t tell you how this came. It’s like something inside me said “Alice, sit
down and write a letter to yourself, from your future self”. This means that
Alice of 37 would receive a letter from Alice of 42.

I know it sounds wacky but stay with me.

I sat down, got myself a legal pad and a pen and wrote.

“Dear Alice in 2013,

I’m your future self. I’m writing you from the future and I’m here to tell you
that everything will be fine. That you need not worry, all you desire will fall
in place…”

I felt strange writing it. On one side, it was insane. On the other, my heart
told me to go on.

So I did. Page after page.

I’ve written about my life as I wish it would turn out five years from then,
which happens to be now.

I started with my family. I was hoping to keep my children, make peace with
my husband, no matter how much I hated him back then and learn how to
love again. I have written how I’d take my kids to school, how I’d be on
school committees, bake cookies and teach them to play basketball. I was
writing like these things already happened, a recollection of all the
wonderful moments between me and my kids.

And it was a recollection, as it was my future self telling me all the
extraordinary things that happened in the last five years.

And the more I wrote, the better I felt. I smiled. I was writing at a speed and
intensity that surprised even myself. It was like I couldn’t get the words fast
enough on paper, like my fingers and hand were not writing fast enough.

The next section was my father.

I wished him good health. I know that he will die one day but I wasn’t ready
to lose him. So I wrote how he is a good role model to my kids and how he
visits me often. How he plays with them in the park and how he imparts
them the wisdom of his life. Basically, how he is a great grandfather and all
the wonderful things he’d do in this position.

Third, my job.

While you may think my goal was the company to not go bankrupt, this is
not what I had written. That’s what my mind told me to say, what was
logical. But my heart told me instead to want an occupation I love doing. To
find my joy, my passion and to pursue it, even if I earn less money. To be
Alice following my dreams and purpose and not Alice the career woman.

So I did. I always wanted to be a painter but I’ve never had enough time to
invest in this. But I’ve spent the next hour writing how my life as a painter
would look like, how people would admire and love my work and how I’d
spend my days… or better said, how it “looked” like, in the past tense.

Five years and a few months passed since then.

And all came true.

I mean, how can I say it better than this?

I have my kids and we’ve spent so many wonderful moments together. My
father is well, and he recovered, not only this, but he’s in the best shape of
his life. I’m not a painter per se but I help painters and artists market
themselves, I own a small company serving the needs of the creatives in
marketing themselves. And I even got on better terms with my knucklehead
husband. He may have done me wrong, but he’s a great father for my kids.

Would all of this happen on their own?

I don’t know.

Maybe but from my experience, from what I’ve seen about life, the answer
is no. I’ve planted a seed that day. It didn’t sprout right away. It didn’t take
one day to build this company and win my kids back and to know my papa
will be fine.

But the universe gave what I asked.

Ask and you shall receive, isn’t that the way it is done?

Thank you for all you’re doing Alexander.

With love,


This was her letter, and it’s a clear example of how LoA works. She knew
what she wanted. She added emotional juice on top. She sent to the
universe commands, and the universe responded in kind.

So I invite you to do the same thing. Write a letter from your future self
about all the wonderful things that will have happened in the last two – three
– five years. Add emotion. And then see the LoA in practice.

Best regards,


Alice was in a tough spot five years ago.

At age 37, her entire life was collapsing.

One – she was divorcing her husband.

Two – the company she worked all her life was going to close.

Three – her father had a heart-attack.

Five years later, everything changed for the better for her.

The way she did this was simple.

She wrote a letter to herself, from her future self.

Alice, at age 42, told her about all the wonderful things that will happen in
her life.

How she’ll win the custody of the kids.

How she’ll play with them and be a great mother.

How she’ll follow her dream and work in a different field.

How her father will do a full recovery.

How all the dots will connect and she’ll achieve her dreams.

She did this after reading the book “The Secret”.

She ignored the book for weeks until she finally gave it a try.

Then she finished it within one day and an inner voice, divine intuition, told
her to write the letter.

When she finished writing, she had 24 pages of descriptive experiences, as
if they already happened.

And most of them came true – it was like a blueprint for her life to come.

This worked because Alice was telling the universe exactly what she wants
(the first law)…

… adding emotion to increase her vibration (the second law)…

… and having absolute faith it will happen, as she wrote everything in the
past tense (the third law)…

What Alice did is a very effective technique for manifestation, even better
than visualization and affirmations.

And if you do the same – if you ask the universe for what you desire with
the same certainty reserved for something that already happened, you’ll get