“Life is too short to spend in negativity. So I have made a conscious effort to not be where I don’t want to be.” – Hugh Dillon

Read that one more time. Can you guess what his gift is? He can make a conscious effort to acknowledge that negativity is not something to dwell on.

One of the most groundbreaking revelations I found out in my life is that negative thoughts can be manifested too!

Our thoughts shape our reality. This applies to thoughts that focus on what we want and thoughts about things we want to avoid. I learned this the hard way.

When I was a year away from turning 20, I had a fallout with my childhood friend. We were buddies, and when I say childhood friend, I mean since we were in grade school. We grew up together. I used to go to his house and have dinner with his family and vice versa. But as we aged, our interests began to grow apart. This led to multiple arguments.

I can still vividly remember when we stopped talking to each other, which lasted for a week. I knew this was the ‘make it or break it’ part of our friendship, and I always felt deep down that it was the latter. He was going down an unhealthy path, and I wanted to save him. The more that I tried, the more the distance between us grew. I hoped to go back to how we were. I wanted to fix what went wrong with our friendship. But I kept thinking, “what if it doesn’t go back to normal? I probably wasn’t there enough for him. We’re going to have a big fight. I knew this was going to happen. Maybe this is what’s meant to be. I won’t be able to save him. He’s too far from me now.”

My thoughts were all over the place. I promised myself I will fix our solid friendship, but why did I keep entertaining all the negative ways it might turn out?

The day I dreaded happened. We had an intense confrontation, and now, we’re not friends anymore. Our paths never crossed again.

It saddens me to my core even to this day. But this is why I shared it with you.

You can’t hope for something great and yet keep on thinking that you don’t deserve it.

Let’s say you want to move on from a toxic relationship with your ex. But you keep on stalking his social media updates, checking on your phone for calls or texts, and daydreaming of what might have been if you could have changed his ways. Or you want to go on a date and start afresh, but all you tell yourself is you don’t deserve amazing people in your life and you’re not worth it.

Then you won’t be able to move forward. All the negative options you linger on will manifest because your thoughts led your energy and actions there.

As you work on your New Year Manifestations to start 2021 right, keep in mind that negative manifestations exist. It creeps in your mind, and if you don’t release it, it stays.

Our focus may shift on the negative side from time to time, but we should take the higher road and acknowledge it and let it go. The more we think about the ‘bad’ thing that can happen, the more it is bound to happen because we put our energy into it.

So how can you stop negative manifestations from happening?


Get your pen and paper and write down all the negative thoughts you have. It can be about a small issue or a major unresolved problem – it’s okay! Just keep writing. After you’ve finished jotting down everything that lingers in your mind, take time to read it and acknowledge every number on your list.

Remember that everything on that list should not be on your mind as you start on your New Year Manifestations.

Let Go

Now that you’ve written the negative thoughts you’ve been having, and you have acknowledged them, do not go over it again. Allow the ink to carry the thought and let it stay there. It is now transferred from your mind to paper. What’s next? Crumple the paper as if you’re erasing the evidence that it existed in the first place. This is the process of letting go.

Stay Positive

When you’ve finished step 1 and 2, all that’s left is staying positive. 2020 has been a tough year for everyone. But you survived it! This 2021, it doesn’t mean that you have to jump to living life to the fullest right now.

You can use this year to pick yourself up and all the pieces you’ve lost along the way. Reminisce happy memories. Relive it. Start a hobby that ignites a deep passion in you. Focus on attracting the life you always wanted!

And of course, write your New Year Manifestations without any commitment on a specific date. Allow yourself to enjoy every moment and let the Universe guide you on where you should be.

Staying positive doesn’t only apply when you’re writing your manifestations; it applies to everything! Positivity overpowers all the negative thoughts you may encounter along the way.

Whenever a negative thought taps on your shoulder, call it out and show it the door! Let it go and start fighting it with positive thoughts!

May you have a year full of positivity and successful manifestations!