If ever there was a time to focus on positive energy, it might be now. ☝🏼

If ever there was a time to connect to your inner strength and resources, it could be now.

The entire world 🌏 is in the grip of a viral health pandemic 😷, one that is causing international disruption and requires careful and immediate attention and action.

During this time of chaos and confusion, there are many things we can focus on to remain in a place of calm positivity.

There are many ways to react mentally, emotionally, and spiritually that will benefit not only you, but your loved ones in this time of fear and panic. 😰

As we go through this period collectively, I will be offering my insights on how to boost your energy vibration, how to remain calm, and how to cope as world events shift and change each day.

Today, I want to talk about how to cleanse your home 🏡 energetically. With many of us at home during this period of self-isolation or quarantine, I feel it is a wonderful opportunity to really connect to what we can control and alter for the better, during this time.

Your home is a reflection of your entire life. Your mind, body, and spirit.

I know there is nothing like feeling relaxed, happy, and positive in your own surroundings, an environment that you have purposefully created to be calming and full of good energy. 😌

Clearing out your home in springtime is a wonderful way to welcome in a fresh flow of luck ☘️ and positive energy to your life. It’s particularly true if you have been dealing with some negative issues, heavy energies or just generally feeling a bit stuck in certain parts of your life.

What better time than now to give your home a deep cleanse not only tackling physical dirt but energetically speaking also?

You’ve heard of Reiki, crystal healing,💎 and other forms of vibrational medicine for your body and soul, right? Well, this is like giving your home some of that vibrational medicine also.

Read on to learn how to energetically cleanse your home in order to bring in new energy, inviting in luck, abundance, and positive vibrations.

Cleanse and De-clutter

How to Spring Cleanse your Home for Positive Energy

Before you can actually cleanse your space, you have to physically clean it. That means going into every room, drawer, etc., and remove what is no longer serving you, or what is not aligned with your vision. 👀

Start dusting, scrubbing, and mopping. You want a deep clean, take it to the next level!

Energy Cleanse

Cleansing with sage or palo santo is therapeutic and beneficial to the energy in your home, it leaves the space with a sense of tranquility.

You may have heard of smudging with sage as a Native American Shamanic practice that purifies a space. The idea of using smoke ♨️ to drive away negative energies has been used in many other cultures too — the idea being that the smoke attaches itself to the bad energies and as it clears it dissipates that negativity and transforms it into something positive.

It’s a great way to reset the energies in your home and prepare for a new, fresh and cleansed atmosphere.

How to cleanse with Sage or Palo Santo:

  1. Be sure to cleanse the area with doors and windows open for ventilation.
  2. Make sure the area you are cleansing is already clean and tidy.
  3. Set an intention or mantra. Something along the lines of “I wish this home only to be filled with positive energy, love, and light.
  4. Light the ends of your bunch of sage or palo santo stick and once alight, snuff out the flame and allow the smoke to waft. Keep a bowl beneath to catch any soot or ashes (not plastic!)
  5. Walk around the edges of each room and recite your mantra aloud or in your head as you cleanse each corner and space.
  6. When you are finished, place the ends of the sage or palo santo in some water to stop the burning.
  7. Apply the basic principles of Feng Shui

    You can use the ancient Chinese design art of Feng Shui to balance energy and bring positive vibes to your home. There are some basic principles that are easy to adopt. One of the most straightforward is the idea of balancing the energy of the earth, air, fire, air, and metal. Some very basic ideas are:

    • Avoid clutter so that you can create a clear stream of energy throughout the home.
    • Place furniture in a way so that it does not block the flow of energy in a room.
    • Try to allow for as much natural light as possible.
    • Create balance and symmetry in your bedroom.
    • Keep spaces under your bed clear.
    • Do not have your bed facing or right next to the door, preferably at an angle.
    • Bring in earth elements such as plants to your bathroom.
    • Choose rounded edges over sharp ones (tables etc) this promotes softer energy.

    Decorate with plants and natural elements

    How to Spring Cleanse your Home for Positive Energy

    Placing indoor plants 🌱 around your house can be a wonderful way to create positive energy flow and clear out any stagnant or stuck energy in your home.

    Certain plants even work to purify the air like a natural filter, try the following in your home and feel the difference in the atmosphere.

    • Aloe Vera
    • Peace Lily
    • Bamboo Palm
    • Ficus Alii
    • English Ivy
    • Gerbera Daisy

    Place Crystals in your Home

    You can create an atmosphere of loving, healing energy with crystals.

    Place rose quartz by your bed for loving vibes and harmony in relationships.
    Amethyst by the front door for protection. Clear Quartz is great when placed near electronic items to fight against free radicals.

    Hanging crystal pendants in the hallway or by windows creates a beautiful light spectrum and invites positive flowing energy also.

    Create a Sacred Space

    I like to create a space in my home where I can meditate. You can call it an altar if you like, but it’s really just a clear, clutter-free space where you can place any candles 🕯, crystals or precious items to you. I suggest placing your vision board here or any affirmations and desires you have written down or kept in special boxes etc.

    Choose to create this space just for you, you can meditate here or just sit and read as you unwind in your home. 😌