Angels are made of pure light and you can’t touch nor see them. However, it is widely known angels leave signs and if you get several of these then you know your guardian angel is close by.

What it’s important for you to know though is that your guardian angel will never leave you.

You can always connect with it. You can always invoke its presence to receive its light and healing. But when you see these signs, these are confirmations, small tokens to let you know you’re protected and cherished.

Sign #1 – Feathers

Angels do not have the same aspect as we get to know them. They’re not beautiful men or women having a halo and wings made of white feathers.

Yet, this is how religion portrays them and there is truth to all of this. Angels may not have a physical form but feathers are signs they are present. I believe the Bible took this idea of feathers that has long been linked to angels and in an allegory, in a metaphor, transformed it to angels having wings and flying

Sign #2 – They’re spotted by babies.

Babies can’t talk but sometimes, they look at an empty spot and smile or laugh. Most parents dismiss this as things child do but many spiritual gurus consider that babies can see angels or at least sense them, so when they react like this, it is because of the presence of a divine being.

Babies are pure and innocent and are operating at the same level of vibration as the universe, making it possible for them to see and understand things invisible to the rest of us.

They also consider it that children, until the age of 3, have all the knowledge of the universe, but once they grow up, they forget everything. I can only hope that as science advance, it can shed light on these questions.

Sign #3 – Coins.

Are you surprised that you need to throw a coin in a well to make a wish?

There are many legends and ideas about from where this comes but one of them is because coins are omens of angels and other divine beings. This doesn’t mean that money itself means angelic presence. Angels are not concerned with money, but rather, the physical presence of the coin.

I assume this is because we associate so much emotion with coins and money that their presence (or lack it thereof) extends our innermost desires. So if you see a lot of coins that are not yours, more than usual, consider this a token of angelic presence.

Sign #4 – Numbers.

This is the best-known symbol out of them all.

The universe communicates with us through numbers. Angels, being part of the universe or being the universe itself or its manifestation of love and care, follow the same rules.

Numerology is a complex field and I can’t give you a crash course into what to look but usually, look for patterns or numbers that repeat themselves. An example is 333 or 1515. Some numbers have special significance in certain cultures like 8 in the Chinese culture. Phone numbers that contain 8 or license plates or even residential addresses are highly sought after as they’re convinced these bring good luck and prosperity.

When you receive such a message, as a number that repeats itself again and again or a pattern, pay attention. Even if you don’t know what it means, something else will soon bring you clarity.

Sign #5 – Feelings.

Angels can’t be seen nor heard nor touched, but can be felt.

My experience with connecting with angels is a feeling of safety, like there was someone in the room taking care of me. Other people report feeling loved or even physical sensation as after a hug.

If you are alone in the room and you feel there is something there with you, something you can’t explain, then you’re in the company of an angel. If you have the same feeling but you feel scared and threatened, then you may be in the company of other spiritual forces that don’t want your best.

Sign #6 – Change in temperature.

Many reports that when an angelic presence is felt, especially after a healing ritual, the air in the room becomes hotter. Not that us, going through the process, are warmer but the air itself is getting warmer.

When this happens, you know you have an angel with you. This is especially true if you’re in a cold environment as outside in the winter, and once of a sudden, you feel warm, like you’re in a bubble.

Sign #7 – Follow your own intuition.

Angels will never announce themselves. You won’t get a knock at the door nor any physical representation. You’ll get many subtle changes or signs and omens, as I’ve shown you but it’s all up to you to feel the change.

The more open your heart is, the more open you are to the universe and divinity, the better your chance to feel angels. The more in touch you are with your body, the more likely you’re to recognize those changes in your emotions and what you physically feel.

Even if you don’t feel angels per se, always know they’re with you.

So, if any of these happen, does this mean you have an angel in the room?

It can be but the more of these happen in a day, the surer you can be. If you find a coin on the street, this may not mean something but if you see coins wherever you look, it’s an omen. So it is with children laughing and clapping their hands. Doing this once, means little. Doing this again and again it’s almost a sure confirmation of angelic presence in the room.

I must tell you something though.

Maybe it’s best to not look for confirmation.

Angelic healing works exactly as manifestation or at least, close enough.

If you believe in it, it will work.

If you wait for confirmation before you believe, it will never come.

You must put first in the faith and then you can receive the healing, the love, the joy of angels. If you say to yourself “well, when I’ll see these signs, maybe I’ll try it” you’re missing out. Angels can never help you. But if you believe, you’ll feel like something is strange because all these signs will show. And they’ll show so often you’ll think it’s unreal.