For some people, it seems so easy and natural.

They attract it. They always end up in happy and fulfilling relationships. Others, not so much. Many people end up with partners that make them unhappy or are even abusive.

Sadly, this is the norm, not the exception.

For example, I have a friend who always complains that she attracts only losers and idiots in her life. One guy even stole her TV. Another one took her car and returned it two months later. She is a sweet person, kind, loving and yet, as she says, she attracts only the wrong folks for her.

Little does she know though that who we attract is not a mistake.

This not about your personality or looks. It’s not even about your preferences. Instead, you attract people who vibrate at the same level as you do, no matter how you or he looks on the outside.

My friend, while beautiful and successful, has a very low vibration. Therefore, she attracts more people that hurt her. We manifest what we really desire, not what we say we want.

Does this scenario sound familiar to you?

I mean, do you feel you’re attracting the right people and then hate yourself for it? Then let me teach you an exercise which will change your life forever. You need not change the way you look or act, just do this and your reality will change like through magic.


So I’d like you to pull a piece of paper or a notebook.

Write at the top “This is the person I want in my life”.

Then write everything you can think about this person. Imagine that your words can create a human being and now you’re defining him.

Go into great detail.

Write what’s his age, his occupation and how does he look?

What’s his eye color?

What’s his hair color?

Is he tall? Short?

Well build?

What music does he listen?

What movies does he like?

What hobbies he has?

The more questions you ask, the better you’ll do.

Again, consider that your words will create this human being. So go into details. If you could create your ideal partner, you would not throw a general description and be done with it?

Focus on whatever detail is important for you. You can even mention his favorite race of dogs. Whatever works.

Write at least five pages, preferably ten. Ten pages may seem too much but it is often required in order to make your vision come true. And don’t worry about what you write. Nobody will ever read this. So you can write about things you’d not want anyone to know.

After you finish this exercise, save the document on your computer or put the notebook away. Wait, a few days. Go back to it and start a new document or a new page.

On top of this write “The person I need to become to manifest this person in my life”. We match with the people who vibrate at the same level as us.

Ask all the right questions, just as you did with your partner. Imagine that you have the power to shape who you are through your words, like you could change your inner and outer traits through the power of writing.

Who did you always wanted to be but never got the chance?

How would you act if you could eliminate all your bad habits?

If you had the chance to start over and grow yourself into a new person, how would you be?

You should write just as much as the first time. You can’t change many things about you nor should you try but there are some you could improve. Focus on those.

Once you’re done, put the pen down. You’re done.

What have you done?

Well, manifestation works not by asking how you will get something but by getting clear on what we desire. The universe is your co-creator. Your job is to pick a destination and to let it drive you there. It’s like being a passenger in a cab. You decide where to go and the driver will take you there. You don’t take the steering wheel. You enjoy the ride.

By writing several pages of what this person should be like, you are allowing the universe to put in place the circumstances required for you to meet him. You do not understand how this will happen but maybe you’ll run late at work and you’ll meet him in the elevator. Or you realize you’re out of milk and bump into him at the check-out.

Once you get clear on what you want, the universe has no other choice but to create a path for you to get it. You may not get every single trait, he may have brown eyes instead of blue but you’ll be surprised how your dream partner will show in your life.

What about the second part?

If the universe will manifest your partner then why would you ever need to change?

Well, life taught me that meeting someone is one thing, keeping that person is another. While the universe will put in your path this person by getting clear, this person will stay only if you make him happy and if you’re his fantasy too. Just as you want him to have some traits, so does he want of you.

This doesn’t mean that you must force yourself to change.

The same principle will apply. Once you get clear on what it is you want, the universe will put in your path the people and circumstances required for this to happen.

There is one more thing you must do.

From time to time, like every few days, visualize this person. Close your eyes and visualize being with him. Don’t visualize you as you are but your perfect self, the person you became to attract your soulmate. Make your mental movie as vivid and realistic as possible.

Imagine holding hands. Imagine going to the movies. Imagine having dinner together.

The more you visualize, the more likely you are to manifest this in your life. This is no secret. With relationships, it has actually been proven. A researcher conducted a study of how many people daydream about being together with a co-worker. One year later, something like 78% who daydreamed about this ended up in a relationship or a one-night stand with the person they’ve fantasized about.

There are many ways to do this.

You talk with your friends about what kind of partner you want. The more energy and emotions you invest in this, the more likely it is to happen. Or you can daydream about a certain person, real or imaginary (like a book character). As long as you complete four conditions, the universe will help you.

And these conditions are:

#1 – Focus on what person you want to attract. Get as clear as possible. Talk about it, write, paint, daydream but add details and add emotions to your vision.

#2 – Let go. Don’t focus on the how. The universe will find a way for you to meet this person.

#3 – Ask yourself what kind of person you need to become to keep this person close. Just as you may be loved by someone that’s perfect for you, so this person may expect the same thing. So define who you would need to be so you can allow the universe to shape you.

#4 – Visualize this as often as possible. Doing it once is not enough. Allow yourself to daydream. Allow yourself to be transported into a world where you’re already with this person. It sounds silly but the more you fantasize about it, the more likely it is to happen. Everything in your world started as a thought so playing the movie of a happy relationship in your mind, again and again, is a sure-fire way to actually get it.

There’s only one thing remaining – go do it.

You’ll be blown away about how well it works. It will be like magic.