Every single person on earth has the ability to tap into their own magic and use it to manifest their desires. Magic spells are one way to do this.

You can say “abracadabra,” use other spells or make your own. Whichever you prefer, you can always cast a spell. In fact, you’ve done it and you’re doing it.

For example, when you meditate in your intentions, you’re casting a spell. And you’re even casting a spell when you pray.

The thing is, magic can mean everything you want it to mean.

But if you truly want to connect deeper with a spell, you’re going to need to make it yourself.

How do you do this?

Prepare Yourself

Gather your tools and prepare your space for the spell-writing. All you need is a piece of paper and a pen. Never underestimate the power of writing down your dreams!

Before you create your magic spell, identify first what you want to manifest in your life. Is it money? Is it love?
Be clear on what you want and write them down/

Cleanse Your Space

How to Create Your Own Magic Spell to Manifest Your Desires

A quiet and safe place to perform the spell is crucial. If you already have a space in mind, cleanse the energies by burning herbs such as sage or palo santo.

Cleansing your space is important because it’s possible that you are carrying negative energies that may counter the results that you want from the spell. Consider it setting a clean slate to produce neutral energy where you can effectively work from.

Always Consider the Four Elements

The four elements are: earth, wind, fire, and water. These are crucial elements that you need to consider when you’re making your own magic spell.

This means to include something that could represent the four elements. For example, a candle can be representative of the fire element while any type of purified liquid can represent water.

Identify the Timing

When performing a spell, the phases of the moon is important. For positive magic that will help you manifest what you want, the best time is during the waxing moon.

The waxing moon is a period when the moon grows from dark to full. It takes about 14 days for this to occur. In magical traditions, people use this moon phase to conduct positive magic such as a money spell and any magic that can increase material items.

Sort Out Other Spell Components

Once you have the timing sorted out, focus on other components. Are you performing the spell alone? Do you have all the materials that you need?

Make sure everything’s sorted out before you write down the spell that you want. This will make it easier for you especially when you’re ready to cast the spell.

Figure Out Your Words

How to Create Your Own Magic Spell to Manifest Your Desires

Now, it’s time to write down the spell. How do you want to do it? Are you going to chant it several times? If you want it this way, you may need to write a very short spell. Or if you want to silently mutter it under your breath while you’re in a meditative state, then a few sentences would be perfect.

Choose your words well for your spell. Make sure it’s powerful, positive, and encouraging. Remember, there is great power in words, hence you must be mindful.

Work Your Spell

Once you have everything written down on paper, it’s time to assemble all your materials and work on your spell. If you have a formal ritual, it would be helpful to do some rehearsals to ensure a smooth flow. If now and if it’s just you, assemble all your tools and get ready to begin.

When you’re done with your spell, you need yo remove all traces of the spellwork. Dispose of all the materials that you used and trust the universe that what you want is coming into your life.

Ready to cast?