It is vital during this time that we remember our power, the power that lies within us. 💪🏻

What if the current world events are in some ways providing us all with the potential for an expansive learning experience? Wouldn’t you like to use these “restrictions” as a force for good – a chance to go within, not just literally as isolation imposes, but metaphorically, metaphysically, and spiritually?

Without denying the gravity of what is going on, it’s possible to make a personal decision not to give in to fear and negative thinking, for all they do is weaken your immune system. 😰

Yes, the current health risks are real, but instead of experiencing fear and letting your energy feed the hysteria of panic, why not use this time to tune into the wisdom of your body, and learn how to activate your ability to be well through connecting deeply to all parts of yourself.

What have you got to lose?

Your physical body is so powerful, intelligent, and capable. It can teach you so much about maintaining good health on all levels. If you learn how to listen and understand your body, you can empower yourself during this time and emerge healthier than ever.

How to Activate and Tune into Your Body Wisdom

When I talk about healing, I am not just referring to physical symptoms, I am referring to the emotional and spiritual levels of healing. If you have been following some of this work for a while, either within our Manifestation Magic community or any similar teachings, you will know that healing truly starts within. ❤️

Treating the person holistically as an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual being is integral to successful healing in my opinion.

Remember that your body not only holds all your vital organs and physical parts that keep you alive, it is also home to your spirit, your soul, that infinite part of you, a limitless energy capable of miracles. ✨

In order to connect with the wisdom of your body, you have to work on becoming an excellent listener.👂🏻 You have to learn to hear what the stillness of your soul within is saying to you.

The number one way to practice listening to your body is, you guessed it MEDITATION. 🧘🏼‍♀️

Alongside any specific meditation courses you may be doing, I recommend taking a few minutes at the beginning of each day to tune into your body wisdom.

You can do this in a quiet place at home 🏡, in the garden or even in the shower. 🚿

Sometimes standing under the hot water can provide a calming experience without distractions where you can really tune into yourself.

Tune-In to your amazing body

With your eyes closed, tune into your body and feel every single sensation. This is about becoming uber present, concentrating on how your body feels right now. Scan through your body from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.

If you have a specific pain in a certain area, take your focus there and rest in that area. Feel deeply into that area.

Let yourself focus right there, and if it’s very painful, allow yourself to breathe in and out through the discomfort.

In your mind ask your body what this pain is about?

Ask that area of your body, what does it want to tell you?

What do you need to know?

This might sound silly to you, but I have tried and tested this method. For example, I had been suffering from headaches for a while. 🤕 A pain that rose up from my shoulders, through the back of my neck and up through my head. While I knew that some of this was to do with sitting for long periods of time at work, I wanted to understand the emotional cause of my pain.

How to Activate and Tune into Your Body Wisdom

The message I received when I asked was “let go” and I immediately understood. I had been clinging to a lot of anxiety related to a personal issue.

I was “carrying” a weight there in my shoulders, it was as though the weight of my worries was causing my headaches. I knew that the message was to free myself up from trying to fix everything.

As soon as I let go and went with the flow of things, my headaches eased up.

So you may feel silly asking this question to a part of your body, but remember your spirit knows you inside out, it will give you the answers you need. It is you, your subconscious and it wants to help you if only you learn to give it the time. ⏳

I recommend taking this meditation further and creating a journal ✍🏼 every day to explore your body-mind connection.

Especially during this time of self-isolation at home, it’s a wonderful way to record your physical and emotional experiences as you work towards tuning into your body regularly.

Remember that you hold the power, wisdom, and ability to heal your body.

Deep healing happens first on an inner level and then moves out into the physical. Once you understand the root cause of your area of concern, your physical symptoms will diminish over time until they no longer bother you.

By the way, this ability to understand your body is not limited to “spiritual” people. This is something every single one of us has the ability to tune into.

You just need the willingness to listen to the stillness within.

You need to believe in the magic of your body to heal itself.

And you need to leave your ego at the door. Your desire to heal needs to come from a desire to tap into your highest path and connect with the vibration of your soul.

This may mean you have to go beyond your rational mind and allow your spirit to guide you.
It doesn’t have to be complicated – take the time for yourself every morning and observe the differences that occur, energetically, emotionally, and physically.

You will thank yourself.

With love and light blessings to you all… 🙏🏻