I am a systematic person — I love things in place, a proper schedule, etc. I also think I have a mild case of OCD (if there’s such a thing). Consider me the milder version of Monica Geller, I don’t feel the urge to categorize photos or clean the toilet 17 times a day.

It’s easy to think that I’m so focused, having all of these qualities. But let me tell you a secret 🤫 — I struggle with my focus and mental clarity.


I easily get distracted, and even when you see my things, or even my house properly organized, you don’t know how much struggle I had to go through to get them like that.

Do you know how it feels to get distracted easily? When I’m alone and in the middle of something, my thoughts fly off to a different place and next thing I know, I’m buried in hours doing random stuff that I didn’t originally intend to do for that day… and poof, there goes a pile of unfinished tasks! 🤯

It gets so frustrating at times because all I want it to have focus and mental clarity so I can get things done FAST. ⏭

So, I decided to help myself. 💪🏻

My first stop? The internet. 💻

I read countless articles online on how I can improve my focus and mental clarity. I read stories, I went on Facebook groups, I followed a handful of motivational accounts on Instagram, I connected with people who experience the same thing as me on the Internet, etc.

I’m actually happy to find that I’m not the only person who experiences this. Get on the internet and you’ll virtually meet a lot of people who experience the same thing as you. So, that’s really helpful on my end, and it helps ease the anxiety as well.

It came to a point that my mobile phone, my laptop, and my iPad are filled with stuff about how to improve focus and mental clarity — that I even have push notifications turned on!

Trust me, these things helped me a lot and I found a lot of ways to help with my mental clarity.

The first thing I did is to exercise. This isn’t difficult for me because I’ve always been active, however, the past months have made me so preoccupied that I find it a challenge to drag myself to the gym or do any physical activity.

How Fluorite Crystal Helped My Focus & Mental Clarity

So, I’m back at it again — doing yoga 🧘🏼‍♀️, hitting the gym 🏋🏻‍♂️, or going for a run 🏃🏻‍♀️. I try to do this five times a week now, and I must say, it really helps a lot to keep me focused and to clear my head.

It’s also the perfect remedy for those stressful days that make me want to down a bottle of tequila 🍾 and forget the world.

The second thing is, I do more meditation. It’s pretty amazing how meditation helps! But, it takes some time to get used to it. I do five meditation minutes of yoga per day through an app that I downloaded. I’ve been doing it for almost a month now (yes, religiously) and I love every single minute of it.

Although I still have moments (a lot of them) when I drift away. Thankfully, that calming female voice always takes me out of my reverie.

The last thing that I did is to get some tools to help with my focus. Crystals 💎 and stones are so in, and I have this friend who isis into them that encouraged me to get one for myself.

I purchased is a Flourite crystal. It caught my eye the moment I walked into the store, as if it’s meant for me because fluorite is actually the stone of clarity.

Right then and there, when it caught my eye, I felt this overwhelming sensation in my body — I didn’t want to let go of it and I didn’t want to look around for other crystals.

How Fluorite Crystal Helped My Focus & Mental Clarity

So my friend, ever the crystal guru, who’s been my go-to in times like this, said that flourite is perfect for beginners. He got into crystals earlier than I do and right in the midst of my sanity check, I kept hearing his voice about how crystals changed his life.

So, with paper bags in tow, we set off to find a nice place to have coffee ☕️ and discuss more of my newfound interest in crystals.

At first, I really didn’t want to go about the specifics of the stone, I just want to take it home and see how it works.

But my friend babbled on as we were walking to a nearby cafe to discuss something he’s totally passionate about. I never thought I’d be hooked in crystals or it would have an effect in my life, but since everybody’s doing it, why not give it a shot, right? I am really THAT committed to gain my mental clarity back.

So, over a cup of Joe with my friend, I set aside my phone although I’m itching to Google what fluorite means. I let him talk and this is what he said,

“Okay, so fluorite is actually known as the stone of mental order and clarity, which is pretty amazing that it caught your eye,” he said.

“How does it work, though? It’s just really pretty, I’m really drawn to it,” I said.

“It’s because that’s something that you need in your life that your energy is all over the place. Your energy emits the need to gain mental clarity, I should know because you’ve been prattling about it for so long, so yeah, that’s pretty cool.”

He continued, “fluorite works by enhancing your focus, concentration, and it also amplifies learning abilities. And if you’re forgetful, then count on fluorite to boost your memory retention.”

As we finished our coffee, I can’t wait to put my fluorite crystal in my room and see how it will affect my mental clarity…

When I got home, I placed my fluorite on top of my bedside table and stared at it. I thought to myself, “Aren’t you a pretty little thing? Now let’s see how you’ll change my life.”

Days passed, and my fluorite just sat there while I go and do my things. I barely think about it because I have a million things to do in a day.

But one Sunday morning, while I was having coffee, I caught myself extremely focused on my book.📖 It made me realize that I was too caught up in it, but it’s a book that I’ve read many times now. That made me stop…

And then I reflected back on the days that have passed since I bought the fluorite and it dawned on me that I was like a well-oiled machine. I was able to complete task after task since the week started. In fact, I was so focused on it that I never felt bad about myself for wasting time and leaving unfinished tasks for days or even weeks.

That was pretty amazing. 😌

So now, it makes me think, I have read a lot of articles about crystals and I’m convinced that they’re hella effective, what are the other crystals that I can use to improve the other aspects in my life?

That I’m eager to find out. 😉

P.S. See this awesome fluorite crystal I found here.