Angels. You know they’re out there but can you touch them?

Can you feel them?

The answer is likely no because angels are beings of pure energy. I don’t even know if it’s fair to call them beings but they’re very different from us, humans.

Some believe angels are the representation of the universe’s love and care for us. Others take angels literally as invisible beings that are all around us, invisible and able to influence our lives in ways we can’t even comprehend.

I can’t tell you what to believe. Read ten books on the topic and you’ll get ten different views. The closer you get to religion, people see angels as actual beings. The further away you do, they’re seen as intangible forces in the universe. But it doesn’t really matter because there is one part where everyone agrees. Angels exist and their role is to guide and protect us. They’re like the hand of destiny, protecting us when we trust them to do so and providing us with healing and joy when we need it the most.


Can you see an angel though?

No, but you can feel one. Your eyes can’t see them, your ears can’t hear them and your nose can’t smell them but your heart can sense when one is near you.


You’ll feel you’re not alone. You’ll feel surrounded by love and care. You’ll feel as safe as a toddler in her mother’s arms. Your angel may show itself to you in many forms. You may experience heat, especially in your extremities. You may feel like a wave of calmness is washing over you. Or you may even feel how your pain is washing away. It’s individual, and it’s unique to you.

But how do you invite angels in your life?

It’s like manifestation and LOA. It is a matter of vibration and faith. If you believe angels exist, they’ll show themselves to you and you’ll

feel the positive effects of this. If you don’t, then you’ll go through life running away from them and you’ll never benefit this miracle. What’s opposite to LoA though is that when you want to manifest, you want to add as much emotion as possible. You want to add enthusiasm and faith and eagerness to your affirmation or visualization or goal setting. It’s like you want to burn a fire, one so strong that the universe will pick it up and send you what you desire.

Well, in invoking angels, things are different.

You’re seeking a state of calm and serenity. You want to empty your mind. You want to look at your thoughts as they’re not yours, from a third person perspective.

A good friend of mine told me that achieving this state is like having a highway in front of you. Cars pass. You watch these cars. You don’t get attached to them. You don’t let them upset you. Here, cars are thoughts. You want thoughts to come and go and for you to watch them as a neutral observer. You can achieve this by following a guided session or by as I’ve said, by calming your mind.

After a while, you’ll have fewer thoughts.

Eventually, your mind will go blank. It’s one of those rare moments of pure clarity where there’s no noise, nothing separating you from the source. That’s when you’ll feel your angel. You’ll either feel physical sensations as tingling in your fingers or a wave of heat and relaxation taking over your body. Or you may feel a sense of security and being cared of. For some people, the angel may even take a physical representation although it’s always how you believe angels to look like. If for you angels are beings like humans with wings and a halo that’s how you’ll see your angel.

Since the angel has no form, it will take the one of your beliefs.

Angels and angel therapy is one of the most misunderstood parts of the new age spirituality. This is because there is always this contrast between angels as beings of God and angels as representations of the universe. There are many debates on the topic and all perspectives are just as good.

What I can tell you is that I’ve experienced the healing power of angels personally.

Let me tell you a story. I’ll tell you how I’ve used angel therapy the first time for healing my physical pain. A few years ago, I had a car accident. Not that bad, I’m fine now but it left me with chronic pain. Doctors tried everything, painkillers, morphine, physiotherapy but nothing worked. I tried everything too, from Chinese medicine to energy healing to acupuncture. Reiki did some for me but overall, it sucked. I already knew about angels. I used angel therapy for emotional healing but never for the physical pain. After a few hours of researching everything I could on the topic, I’ve sat down and lit candles. I put meditation music and tried to calm my mind.

At first it was impossible.

There were so many things going through my head. That my leg was killing me wasn’t making it better. Eventually, I succeeded. And then, like five minutes after, I could feel how my pain was vanishing. It’s hard to explain the feeling, but it felt like someone put her hand on my leg and through that simple touch, everything healed. There was no one in the room but it felt so real. It felt like I’m actually next to an angel. At first, I got scared, and I freaked out. I wasn’t expecting it to work so fast and so well. So I panicked, and the pain returned right away. But then I calmed down, repeated the process and the healing process resumed.

That night I slept better than I did in weeks.

The pain returned the next day, but it was better this time.

And each time I invoked my angel, each time I calmed my mind down and accepted my angel in my life, I felt less pain. In less than a week, I could walk again. Doctors could not believe this. I could not believe it either but it worked. This is why I’m saying that if you’re in pain, emotional, mental or even physical, use angel therapy. I don’t know if you need to go to a workshop or buy some expensive course because it’s not that hard to do. It comes down to your own conviction in this. If you have faith in it working, then it’s likely to work. If not, then nothing will happen. Listening to a guided process makes things simpler, but it’s possible without one.

A word of caution though – when invoking your angel, all intentions must be pure.

Do it to heal yourself, do it to bring yourself peace but don’t do it to manifest money or something external.

It’s not the same thing.

Angel therapy is all about healing.

Manifestation is about asking the universe for something and receiving it. Use them as two different things and you’ll be able to both be healthy and balanced while also manifesting everything you’ve ever dreamt about.