There’s nothing like the New Year to kick-start a new you, January comes along after the excess of the holidays and gives us all the opportunity to start over again with fresh goals.

While I am a big believer in resolutions and making plans for the future, I don’t think it’s something that always has to happen in January to be effective! In fact, often those New Year’s resolutions fall away after just a few weeks, which is why the real key is to connect with What you are wanting to achieve and why, in any month of the year. Just like with anything you wish to manifest, the vibrations get a whole lot stronger when you identify and focus upon why you want what you want to manifest, how you want to feel and then start creating those feelings (and vibrations) ahead of time.

I think that whatever your resolutions are, whether they are fitness or wellness based, to do with money, relationships, you name it – much of these goals you are making will be given a huge helping hand by the decluttering of your home! Sound crazy? Read on to find out why I believe that decluttering is the magical missing ingredient to your resolutions for 2020.

Why is decluttering a magical tool for manifestation?

Think about how everything has a vibration, an energy frequency that it is emitting. Whether it’s that beautiful painting above your fireplace or that stack of unopened mail in the corner, everything in your home or workspace is vibrating energy. Just like positive and negative thoughts, solid objects can give off a vibrational frequency that either lifts you into higher emotions or drags you down into negative ones. In other words, your belongings take up not just physical space but emotional space too. Clutter that you see around you can not only create disorder in a room but can also be toxic to your emotional and mental wellbeing. Essentially becoming brain clutter as well as room clutter.

When you take a methodical approach to organizing your space, you will see your life transforming in truly incredible ways.

This is because your possessions are indicative of where your life is at right now. The process of sorting through them and discarding what you do not need is very liberating and can create huge shifts as you regain focus on what is important. It can also help you to appreciate your belongings and maybe even make you realize how little you actually need to be happy in life. Some people find that downsizing and adopting a more minimalist lifestyle brings them a greater sense of purpose and contentment.

The creation of more physical space is also reflected mentally and emotionally. By gaining a sense of control of your surroundings you make room for the new to enter.

That’s why I believe that getting your living space in order is the missing ingredient in seeing through all those other resolutions you may have. A clutter-free home is like a kick-start to addressing the rest of your life goals, giving you the positive energy required to tackle them

Does it feel overwhelming to even know where to start?

I’m here to help with some easy steps to simple decluttering, getting you on the right path for an organized home and a clearer mind.

How to Get Started? Take a look around your space right now. See anything that jumps out at you, anything at all that you just wish you had the time to organize or sort through? Make a quick assessment of what you have accumulated and then visualize how your home would ideally look if it were less cluttered with the old things.

Advice from the Pros: Best-selling Japanese author Marie Kondo made decluttering cool again with her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying. The book helps by breaking down the tidying process into easy chapters and directions. Kondo suggests tidying by category, so that you can clear in a productive way. She also advocates placing your hands on every item you own and asking yourself if it sparks joy in you. If it does not – toss it.

The Mental and Material are Connected: If you find yourself stuck in negative situations or repeating negative behavior, thoughts or patterns, do not underestimate how that connects to your messy kitchen cabinets! Where we live is so important, it’s a deep reflection of what is going on within. Something as supposedly straightforward and unexciting as sorting through a pile of mismatched socks and unwanted books can quite literally transform your perspective.

Consider the Energy of your Space: The connection between your frame of mind and where you live, eat and sleep is key. The energy in your home will have a profound effect on your own energy as you walk into it and spend time there. Would you prefer to come home to a calm, soothing open space that inspires you or a scattered, filled space with crowded and confusing energy?

Digital Detox: Extend your cleaning mission to your inbox and electrical, digital goods. That drawer full of wires and cables, those old batteries rolling around at the back, get rid of them. Open your laptop, ipad or phone and delete those unwanted folders, ancient downloads and files. Upload storage to the cloud and make sure you know exactly where everything is that you need when you need it. Clearing your desktop will help inspire you when you sit down to a new task not to mention improving the productivity and speed of your device.

Emotional Release: Get real and face your fears as you sort through your things. Ask yourself what you are afraid of releasing as you throw things out. Is it a memory, something from the past you are clinging to? Remember that however much you cling to something, it cannot remain permanently the same. You don’t have to get rid of things you love, but the idea is to create a space for what uplifts you and enhances the positivity in your home. Photographs, letters and other sentimental items are hard to throw away. Ask yourself if you can hold the memory without holding on to the object. If the answer is yes, find the release in making way for something new, safe in the knowledge that nobody can throw away your memories.

Focused Clarity: Once you get going with your decluttering you will soon recognize the positive effects it is having. Life becomes simplified and easy. You can go to your wardrobe and know exactly what is there. You can access the papers you need, and find anything in your kitchen drawer without rummaging. This kind of clarity is a huge positive boost for your mind, giving it space, a sense of calm and a sharp focus that extends into the rest of your life.

I believe so strongly in the power of decluttering that I suggest you make a list of the other goals in your life before decluttering and again afterwards and see how much easier you feel you can handle them, once you have successfully created your ideal living space. I bet you find you have even more ideas, inspiration and a surge of renewed enthusiasm for all that you want to take on.

Remember that your newly organized space will radiate a positive energy. Decluttering is not just about becoming a tidier person, it is about releasing the old and opening your life to fresh energy, new perceptions and transformations. You have the control to make your home a haven of peace, calm and positivity. A great place to dream in.