Having a healthy throat chakra is vital for creative self-expression, living in your truth, and confident communication.

The Throat Chakra at a glance:

Sanskrit name: Vishuddha chakra
Location: The center of your throat
Color: Blue
Sound mantra: ‘I speak’
Symbolizes: Self-expression, truth, honest, communication
Physically: Supports neck, jaw, teeth, mouth, thyroid, ears, and voice

A balanced throat chakra is crucial for you to live as your pure, authentic self, embrace your uniqueness and move through life with clear communication and expression of thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

A healthy throat chakra works with your sacral chakra to allow the creativity originating in that energy center to be boldly expressed without fear of criticism and judgment.

Your throat chakra must remain balanced for you to let go of the need for external validation, as well as the fear of being judged by others.

When you have a healthy throat chakra, you can easily find the balance between listening and speaking, and you can cultivate a strong internal dialogue where you learn to trust your instincts and act upon them.

When this chakra is unbalanced, you may have trouble speaking up and speaking your truth.

You may lack confidence and be inclined to gossip and complain, you find listening to other people challenging, and you lack the expression of integrity.

An out-of-balance throat chakra can also lead to an inability to get things done due to a lack of connection to your true, divine purpose.

Physically, an out of alignment throat chakra can lead to the following: Sore throats, headaches, respiratory issues, mouth ulcers, dental issues, problems with the ears, thyroid, or pain in the shoulders.

Emotionally you may feel insecure, shy, and unable to speak up in social situations.

On the flip side, you may be too overbearing in conversations, unable to truly listen to others with the need to always be right.

In those instances, becoming mindful of the way you communicate is key.

It is so essential to connect to your inner truth rather than speak from your ego.

You do not have to always be correct in every conversation; oftentimes it is best to display kindness instead while keeping your boundaries in place.

In the current cosmic climate, the planetary energy is urging us all to make sure we are taking care of our throat chakras in order to connect with and stand in our truth.

Here’s how you can start:

Throat Chakra Strengthening Practices:

Yoga Poses: Asanas and postures that directly address and open the throat chakra area can be used to bring energy to that area.

Try: fish pose, shoulder stand, cat-cow, neck circles, and lion’s breath.

Yogic Breathing: Try pranayama breathing to stimulate the throat area and align your energy.

Nature: Head out into an open, empty space and shout or sing. Allow your voice to be released without holding back.

Color: Blue — wear blue clothes. Eat blue/green healing foods such as blueberries, blackberries, apples, plums, seaweed, and spinach.

Crystals: Wear a blue crystal near your throat, try aquamarine, lapis lazuli, turquoise, blue lace agate, Angelite.

Visualization: Visualize a wonderful, healing, glowing blue light growing larger and expanding around your throat and vocal cords. Feel this light opening and cleansing your throat chakra.

Sound Mantras: Repeat the following ‘Hum’ several times (this is the sound mantra associated with the throat chakra in the pitch of G).

Affirmations: Write and then speak aloud affirmations such as —

I speak my truth with ease, clarity, and grace.

I am heard and I can listen.

I set clear boundaries.

I am comfortable in silence.

I am confident to share my ideas.

My voice is strong and clear.

I stand up for what I believe in.

Sing: Singing or humming throughout your day is a wonderful way to open your throat chakra and practice connecting to your inner and outer voice.

You can even sing the above affirmations, or practice singing out a conversation you wish you could have with someone.

Journaling: Write down your true thoughts and feelings on paper. Let yourself release all that you have been holding back or holding within.

Think about what your guiding truths are and journal around the ways you live by these each day.

Essential Oils: You can practice using these oils during your meditation or even apply them topically to your neck. Try Peppermint, Geranium, Chamomile, Lime, and Lavender.

Self-massage: Gently rub your throat area anti-clockwise and visualize clearing away anything blocking your chakra. Switch to clockwise and imagine that you are protecting the energy that has been cleansed.

Mindful Conversations: Bring compassion and meaning to every single interaction that you have throughout your days.

You will learn to participate in calm communication and listen thoughtfully before sharing your opinion.

It’s not about always agreeing with everyone, but simply allowing everyone to express their views before sharing yours and using your discernment as to what you choose to say.

This is a very healing way to interact with other people and helps you avoid toxic expressions rooted in fear.

I hope you find the above ideas helpful.

Having a healthy throat chakra is so integral to living your best life.

It is one of our most powerful energy centers and as such needs our loving attention.

You are a unique being with your own experience to show the world, and nothing is more powerful than standing in your authenticity and sharing your truth.

Empower yourself and bring energy and healing to your throat chakra today!