Harness the Magic of the Number Eight with the Lion’s Gate Portal 

This August 8th we have the opening of the Lion’s Gate Portal.

This occurs when the star Sirius perfectly aligns with the Sun in Leo.

It brings potent and highly spiritual energy to all of us on Earth. 

One of the most magical aspects of this day is the significance of the number eight. 

Eight is a number that resonates with power, success, and transformation. 

In numerology, eight is unique. It’s a symbol of infinity and is associated with karma, power, prosperity, financial abundance, and stability. 

It is linked to inner strength, self-belief, the ability to find balance in life, trust your own instincts and heed your inner wisdom.

It resonates with the power of positivity, high-frequency beliefs, actions, and taking steps to achieve your goals. 

On the Lion’s Gate 8/8, we experience double the potency of the number eight. 

This auspicious cosmic alignment brings with it the success, abundance, tenacity, prosperity, and wisdom you need to make your dreams a reality. 

Everything is energy and that includes the energy vibration of numbers. 

Angel Number Eight can help you to achieve your goals by encouraging you to stand in your power and realize just how capable you are!

All the energy on this day will be about thinking positively and believing in yourself. 

If you can keep your own energetic frequency high, you will be able to achieve miracles. 

The energy of this number is working in your favor!

As long as you are honest with yourself and work to remove negative thoughts and influences from your life, you can use the power of this day 8/8 to manifest your dreams going forward. 

Think of it like a lucky day that shines brighter than the rest.

It’s giving you a chance to create the life you want and encouraging you to see that the world and the future are totally limitless for you. 

The number eight is deeply spiritual, it’s often a sign that you are embarking upon a period of spiritual awakening and higher consciousness.

You are opening your mind to possibilities, infinite love, and wild financial success. 

So what can you do to harness the power of eight on this day? 

Be open and honest with yourself about your dreams and allow the beautiful energy to infuse them with positivity going forward. 

Take some time to meditate, write down your desires and most of all be outside in the sunlight in nature. 

Connect to mother earth and feel the depth of her wisdom through quiet stillness.

You need not do anything but breathe in and out, quietly saying to yourself:

Everything is falling into place as it is meant to be. 

Know that the energy of this day and the power of the number eight will infuse your dreams with magic. 

Whatever you create will find the energy to become manifest in reality, and whatever you commit to now will fill your life with success, love, and abundance.