Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to start preparing for the big day.

Since it takes place the day after the new moon, certainly, we will all be surrounded by vibrant, positive energy.

Thanksgiving is a day to be grateful for the things that we have in our lives right now.

It is also a day to count our blessings and thank them.

There are many things in life that we can be thankful for, and each one of us has our own unique list.

However, some things are common to all of us. For example, we can be grateful for our families, our friends, our health, and our homes.

We can also be thankful for the abundance of food that we typically enjoy on this day.

Whatever we are grateful for, Thanksgiving is a day to express our thanks and celebrate all that we have been blessed with.

It’s a day to give thanks for the harvest and of the preceding year.

… and did you know that there is so much power in gratitude when it comes to manifesting your desires?

In fact, it is the most powerful of all human emotions.

It is the origin of all positive emotions.

You might not be completely aware of it, but when you feel grateful, it creates such magical feelings that make you feel happy and content.

Call it the true elixir of life, but gratitude is a powerful force in the universe.

Expressing Gratitude Even Before Receiving

To use gratitude for manifestation, you have to express it before you receive whatever it is that you want to receive from the universe.

You might find it odd because you’re probably used to feeling grateful the moment you receive a good thing in your life, and there’s really no problem with that.

However, in this case, we want to use it to manifest.

You will find that the moment you start feeling grateful before a certain thing arrives in your life, that’s when miracles happen.

By doing so, you use gratitude as the force of creation in the universe.

So, how do you actually feel gratitude even before what you want comes into your life?

Here are some tips:

Be Present – take a moment to clear your mind and just focus on your breathing.

Get into the state of now by simply noticing how your body feels.

Notice – every time you notice something, take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate it.

You can start with your breathing for this then eventually, you can move on to the things in your immediate surroundings.

Pay Attention Inward – when you start noticing things on the outside, you will start to feel a sensation inside of you.

When you do, it’s time to turn your attention inward and begin to notice these feelings.

This is when the feeling of gratitude begins, and then it’s time to visualize your desires in your life.

These things are similar to meditation. Thus, it will take some practice, especially to silence the mind.

Once you do, you’ll be able to feel gratitude easily even before you receive it.

How to Manifest on Thanksgiving Day

If you haven’t done any gratitude practice yet this year, then the upcoming holiday seems to be the perfect time to start.

Here are ways to start the process.

1. Create a List

What are the things that you want to manifest this year and in the coming year?

Is it a new job? A relationship? A vacation?

Whatever it is, list it down. Make it specific as much as possible.

If you’re manifesting for this year, it would be better if you list only one to two things to help you be more focused and clear on what you want.

When listing down things, don’t overwhelm yourself.

You have to keep in mind that you’re going to need a clear focus on the things that you want to manifest to be able to really work on them.

2. Write Down the Reasons Why You Want Each Item on Your List to Manifest In Your Life

For each item on your list, think about how it will improve your life.

If you can’t find an answer to that, then you won’t be able to make it come to your life.

So, take some time to think about it. Analyze your desires and list the reasons they can benefit your life.

3. On Thanksgiving Day, Write Down How You Will Feel When Your Desires Come to Life

Remember I mentioned that gratitude is most powerful when you feel it even before you receive it?

That’s exactly what you’re going to do on Thanksgiving Day.

Write down how you will feel when the things you want to come into your life.

The holiday is the best time to feel grateful.

You don’t even have to force it on that day because everybody will be feeling grateful for themselves whether they are also trying to manifest or not.

When you feel grateful, you create positive vibrations, and the universe responds well to that.

And also, what you put your focus on, expands.

When you are grateful for things before you receive them, you confirm to the universe that it is already yours and that you are open to receiving them.

It fuels the Law of Attraction. Hence, it allows you to manifest quickly.

Let gratitude amplify the Law of Attraction, and use this upcoming holiday to feel so grateful for the many things in your life.

Happy Thanksgiving!

What are you plans during this special day?