A wonderful way to practice raising your vibration to attract abundance is through journaling.

Writing has long been proven to be a wonderful method of releasing emotions, improving mental

clarity and dexterity, as well as managing difficult challenges or moods.

The positive release that comes from getting your thoughts down on paper is hugely beneficial to your mental state.

Did you know too that successful people throughout history have kept a journal? From the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius to Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Frida Kahlo and Oscar Wilde.

Visionaries through time have all seen the practicalities and purpose of keeping a journal.

You are going to write in your journals for the purpose of raising your vibration and increasing your attraction to abundance.

How does this work?

Most of us lead such busy lives. The daily responsibilities we are faced every day don’t allow us to vibrate at a high frequency. Think back to when you were a child when you were still accustomed to playing and dreaming. You are yourself without restrictions. As children, we were very easily pleased.

When we were kids, there wasn’t a past or a future–we are all living in the present moment.

Get It Write: Abundance Begins In The Morning

It’s only as we grow up that we forget about this present-moment living. As we gain more responsibilities and feel the weight of pressure from work and family, we take on beliefs that constrict us.

Writing in a meditative state can bring us back to that time of high vibration and allows us to tap into the unlimited supply of abundance of the Universe!

Remember that thoughts that are vibrating at a high frequency will attract higher vibrations. High-frequency thoughts attract the infinite possibilities of the Universe. Low-frequency thoughts keep our thinking narrow and close down our possibility fields.

The Universe has infinite possibilities. What are you creating with your thoughts?Through journaling and visualizing, you can realize your power to create your own future. Think about the vibration of certain words. Words like happiness, love, joy, laughter, creativity, and confidence have a high vibration when you think about them.

Try writing them down and seeing how it makes you feel. You can also try writing words and phrases that describe the life you desire.
Words such as wonderful health, abundant wealth, loving partnership, happy children, the freedom to travel, peace, prosperity, and inspiration. Observe how they make you feel.

Doesn’t it feel good to focus on the positive things over your worries and concerns?

Journaling and Visualization Prompts

I recommend writing in your journal every morning before you do your tasks. You can do this as soon as you wake up, while you’re having your coffee or breakfast, or before you head to the shower.

Get It Write: Abundance Begins In The Morning

Play some uplifting music that makes you feel happy and gets you in the zone as you do this. Make this a part of your morning ritual as often as possible. Get a cup of tea or coffee and sit in a peaceful spot with a notebook and pen. You can use an electronic device if you prefer, but often people swear by something magical that comes with only using pen and paper.

Write in the present tense. You want to feel like you are already living in your future reality, and experience the high-frequency emotions that your writing will illuminate in you.

  • What is your vision? In what areas of your life do you desire to change and call in abundance?
  • What is the “why” of your vision? (i.e why do you want what you want. When you focus on the reason behind your desires, you clarify and strengthen their power).
  • What are you grateful for today? Making lists of things you appreciate that are already in your life helps get you aligned with what makes you feel good.
  • Who is the future version of you, and how are they showing up? In what ways do you see yourself acting and feeling differently once you have your desires? What is the future you doing?
  • How are they behaving that is different from the way you normally behave?
  • How can you do something every day that moves you towards your desires? What actions can you take to productively further your dream? Think about how you can take action yourself, it will make you feel inspired and motivated and keep you believing you deserve everything you dream of.

Can you really let yourself go with your journaling sessions? Let your imagination soar as you write deeply about your desires.