I am 100% sure you have heard of the Law of Attraction by now, especially if you are regular to this blog.

But have you ever heard of the Law of Increase?

Not sure what it is? Let me explain.

The Law of Increase simply states that what you praise, grows.

When you give loving energy, you receive more of it back.

It is a fairly well known concept that when you focus your attention on loving something, that thing grows.

There have been experiments done on plants and water that show us positive affirmations and loving energy create expansion and beauty in nature.

Living organisms respond positively to love and praise, it’s just the natural way.

The Law of Increase applies to every single aspect of your life.

It works automatically, like gravity.

Once you understand it and start to use it in your life, you’ll see your manifestations blossoming into reality fast!

Think about it. The more you put into your relationships, the more you get out of them.

The more you invest in your business, the more it grows.

The more you decide to invest your time and energy into your personal growth, the more potential you see in your life for a change.

So how do you use this Law of Increase in practice?

Let’s look at Real-Life Example

Let’s say you’ve had an idea for a new coaching business or a creative project that you would like to work on, but it’s just not manifesting how you imagined.

You feel frustrated and despondent, as though you just can’t get things off the ground no matter how hard you try.

Using the Law of Increase, what you would do is to express gratitude and love for this project or business.

Praise it! Generate energy that fuels it with positive vibrations.

Don’t spend any energy at all worrying about what is NOT working.

That will only slow down your energy and lower your vibration.

Only spend your energy on what you want to improve and increase about this project.

Nurture it. Think about what you love about it, praise all the hard work you have done so far.

Express thanks and appreciation for the idea coming to you in the first place, write lists of what you feel proud of, what inspires you and what beautiful visions you have when you imagine this project coming to fruition.

Feel excited and inspired by your ideas, and focus your energy ONLY on those feelings.

With the Laws of the Universe it is never about thinking, it’s about FEELING.

So allow the feelings of appreciation, gratitude, love and excitement about your project or business to grow. Feel how it feels to flourish.

Feel how it feels to watch your dreams manifest.

And what will happen is little by little, your project will grow.

The Law Of Increase will get to work vibrationally and you will feel excited and inspired again.

People, places and events will line up synchronistically to help you move forward with your ideas and plans.

Things that may have seemed like obstacles will suddenly feel meaningless – nothing but lessons and challenges for you to learn and from and navigate around as you continue on your path to success.

You will see what happens with the Law of Increase!

The key to this law is GRATITUDE.

When you are happy and grateful for what you have NOW, you amplify those things and attract more of them into your life.

That never means not wanting more, or settling for less. You can be grateful for everything you have, and still reach for more in your life.

Whatever you are grateful for, you are sure to receive more of it from the Universe.

Being grateful gives such power to the Law of Increase.

It fuels it to exponentially increase the things we have.

So no matter what it is that you desire, you can implement the Law of Increase to magnify those dreams.

When you praise your friends, invest your time and energy into loving your partner and your children, or whoever you surround yourself with you will see those relationships blossom and bloom accordingly.

When you praise the efforts of your work and creativity, you will reap the rewards.

The Law of Increase can even be applied to praising and loving your physical money.

Every time you make a transaction, feel gratitude for the ability to pay for what you want.

Imagine how the energy is being transferred to someone else who is receiving your money in exchange for what you bought from them.

Keep your vibration high in this way and you will find doors opening and unexpected blessings appearing in your life on a daily basis, I promise!

Keep a Gratitude Journal

When you make the conscious effort to note down all the things you feel grateful for in a day, you help the manifesting process along in a HUGE way.

The more you show up to appreciate your life, the more the Universe rewards you with more.

Use your journal to write down what you are grateful for as well as the miraculous blessings you begin to witness.

Take notes of dates, times, situations, anything that happens to you that seems positive and exciting!

You can look back through your journal whenever you are feeling momentarily negative or lost again, and remind yourself of all you have to be grateful for and all the miracles that are on their way to you.

Try using the Law of Increase right away to see big changes in your life soon.

Good Luck!