At some point, every single one of us has thought,

“The process of manifesting doesn’t happen for me. I just can’t seem to make the Law of Attraction work.”

“Maybe the Universe doesn’t care about me. Whatever, it’s taking too long, or I must be doing something wrong.

You’re not alone with those thoughts.

Even if you don’t voice them out loud, believe me, you are not alone.

So many of us feel like quitting with meditation or self-growth practice when we don’t immediately see the results showing up in our lives.

I think this is human nature. I suspect that it also has something to do with the way we generally live our lives at the moment — with instant gratification available at every turn.

These days, Netflix barely waits three seconds after the show you are watching has finished before drawing your attention to the next thing you should watch!

Technology has made it so that we no longer have to wait for anything anymore.

We can pretty much have whatever we want in an instant. Depending on where you live in the world, Amazon can deliver to you within 24 hours or less.

The problem with this kind of instant gratification is that it’s not how real, lasting change occurs outside of the ‘normal’ world.

When dealing with big shifts in our internal lives — things like healing inner wounds, changing a lifetime of damaging beliefs, or shifting a huge poverty mindset from our subconscious — it can take a little or a lot longer.

You have to remember that the process of transformation means shedding layers of your former self, and sometimes that doesn’t immediately manifest in terms of progress you can see all the time.

Let’s say you are trying to shift a long-held, subconscious belief that you are unworthy of financial success and abundance (a very common belief by the way!).

Maybe you do a meditation in the morning, journal about the origins of this belief you hold, write down affirmations, and commit to changing the way you think about money.

Maybe a few days go by, perhaps even just a few hours and you’re feeling pretty positive about your inner work around money —

THEN something happens, you receive an unexpected bill, or your boss calls and says they’re cutting back on the bonuses this year, or your kid comes home from school needing money for a trip —

Whatever it may be, it sets you back immediately.

You react in the moment, without pausing to find some calm, and you feel angry and worried about your finances again.

You start thinking about how you’re never going to be rich and how life just feels like constant bills and stress around money.

What happened to all your positivity and beliefs in abundance?

You remember back to your morning meditation or your journaling and your affirmations and you wish you were able to have reacted differently.

You feel guilty or worse, ashamed, and think you must be doing something wrong.

Another example would be that you decide to commit to waking up earlier to exercise.

The problem is, you’ve spent your entire life being a late-riser.

Of course, it’s going to feel super uncomfortable to your body to get up early and suddenly do a workout!

Everything in your body is saying no — this isn’t what we normally do!

Your body has been conditioned to your mind, and that is not the usual routine.

You have to decide to commit to changes that feel unfamiliar and uncomfortable.

The harsh truth is that nobody is going to do this for you — it has to be you that makes the decision to stick to change.

I want you to remember this — it takes huge amounts of self-compassion and conscious awareness to create permanent change.

When we are right in the middle of deep and lasting change, we can often be resistant even though on a conscious level, we want this change to occur.

What happens is that our well-traveled pathways in the brain simply are not used to new ideas and ways of doing things.

When you are shifting your beliefs by choosing new thoughts, your brain literally lights up in a different way.

BUT it’s spent all of your life up until now thinking the old thoughts and believing the old beliefs, so of course, it’s going to take some mastery to keep treading a new path.

The solution is always to keep going, even when you cannot yet perceive a shift in your reality.

It’s incredibly easy to default back to your old beliefs and thoughts — that’s well-trodden ground.

You have to remind yourself in the moment to take the new pathway instead. The one that leads to abundance!

And just like any new skill, mastery requires practice, discipline, and time.

You do not sit down at a piano and immediately become Mozart. You don’t buy a football and become a pro.

You are learning the art of self-mastery — give it the time and energy it needs and deserves!

No matter how hard you try or how much effort you put into your vision boards, meditations and affirmations, it will always be an uphill struggle if you don’t learn to become consciously aware of your thoughts.

They are the only things you really have any control over.

When you become aware of your thoughts, you can teach yourself to get back on track much faster.

The next time you find yourself repeating an old negative thought process, you will be aware of it, and you can stop yourself from going back to those old ways that no longer serve who you are.

It’s not about whether you are doing it right or doing it wrong.

It’s about remembering to remain conscious as much as possible so that you can obtain mastery over yourself.

Catch yourself in the moment, don’t blame or judge yourself, simply shift your thoughts back to the new pathway — the one that leads to positive change and abundance.

If you can do that without scolding yourself or getting frustrated — you are well on your way to creating huge shifts in your life.

Don’t fall for the belief that what you want hasn’t manifested because you can’t see any changes yet.

That comes from a space of lack where you believe that you are separate from what you want.

Be compassionate with yourself, have patience, and remember that you are a limitless being.

The only thing standing between you and the life you desire is your own belief system — and that is something only you can change.