Manifestation is not a tool. It is a law. It exists, all the time, just like gravity.

Manifestation is inevitable.

You have been manifesting the world around you since your first heartbeat, but it’s up to us as individuals to decide what kind of things we want and attract into our lives with Law of Attraction techniques!

But what can you change using this Universal Law?

Well, everything. You can change every area of your life.

You can manifest love. You can manifest health. You can manifest wealth.

You can even manifest peace between people that don’t get along.

There is no limit to the potential of Law of Attraction, as long as you’re using it properly.

So let’s look at a few areas in which you can use Law of Attraction today.

Let’s also see why you may have a challenge in that area and what you can do about it.

Manifest Love; Your Ideal Partner

In relationships, most people believe they’re not worthy of love.

This may come from a past relationship where an abusive partner hurt them and ruined their self-esteem.

Or it may come from a sense of guilt, real or misplaced.

When you believe you’re not worthy of the love of others, your energy will ask for exactly this.

You’ll get indifference and maybe even aggressiveness.

You’ll have people wanting to stay away from you, and they’ll not even know why, because you have done nothing wrong.

No worries. I promise you, you’re worthy of being loved and more than that, you’re worthy of the best relationship you can imagine.

To do this, focus on all the reasons another person could like you.

Think of all the reasons you will make this person happy.

Instead of asking yourself “why would he want to be in a relationship with me?”, ask “what are all the reasons this person would find me perfect in his life?”

Focus on the positive, focus on the fact that people love you and want you close to you and you’ll project a magnetic field that will manifest love.

If you want to take this a step further, visualize again and again how this person falls in love with you.

You can even go crazy and imagine how he’s so into you he can’t stay away from you, that he’s thinking about you, he’s talking about you and each time he meets you, he looks at you like you’ve never been looked at before.

Sooner than later, this will come true.

Manifest Health; A State Of Well Being

Unfortunately, most people think themselves to bad health.

It’s rare to hear someone say “I feel so good today, I feel full of energy and vitality.”

Instead, what you’ll hear is “I think I’ll get a cold soon” or “I have this huge headache” or “my back is killing me”.

Well, there is a field called “bio-feedback” and it is the science that deals with influencing your health through the power of your mind.

It is well documented and it amazes researchers at how much the human brain can influence the immune system and other parts of the body.

Practitioners through visualization, meditation, and other exercises can cure themselves at all of the diseases, reduce stress, improve their heart function, reduce or eliminate pain completely and nurse themselves to good health.

And while it won’t fix a broken leg, bio-feedback is already accepted in the mainstream medical circles as a viable alternative form of medicine.

But you need not go so far. It’s as simple as following the basic LoA premises.

See yourself in good health. See yourself in the state you want to be.

Add faith. Add emotion. And soon, your body will manifest this health.

You’ll soon realize that you have an infinite capacity to heal and that if you give the proper commands to your subconscious mind, you can nurture yourself to good health and stay there too.

Manifest Wealth

The problem with wealth manifestation is that 9 out of 10 people have negative associations about money.

They’ve been raised believing money is the root of all evil and that to get the money you need to be a bad person and so on.

Basically, most believe if they get money, they’d end up one of the bad guys.

Maybe they don’t do this on a conscious level but the belief is there, hidden in the subconscious mind and that’s what manifesting their reality, not their conscious mind.

If you are one of these people, until you change what money means to you, you can’t manifest wealth.

You can’t because having money makes you a crook and nobody wants to be one.

Beliefs are not everything but they’re one of the main pieces of the puzzle.

Your true, subconscious level belief about something is what you’ll send to the universe.

And if you want to make manifestation work for you, in this case, if you want to manifest wealth, then you must stop the contradiction between your desire for wealth and your negative associations towards it.

Manifest Joy

Most people believe joy is something that’s outside of us. Events happen, and these make us happy.

Without these events, we are sad as there’s nothing to be happy about.

I remember thinking the same once, and it was a sad approach to life.

Joy is a choice. You manifest joy by being joyful inside your heart.

Good things happen outside of you when your inner world is abundant with the feelings of goodness.

Like attracts like, and if you want joyful events to happen, then you must feel joyful in your heart.

And how do you find these ways? Through gratitude and play.

You focus on everything good in your life. You look at life through the eyes of a child.

The less you take everything seriously, the less you get attached to every single thing happening in your life, the more joy you’ll feel.

There are tons of other things you can manifest with the Law of Attraction.

Everything that makes up life can be manifested.

I’ve talked with a couple who wanted to have a baby but couldn’t.

They’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on doctors and treatments with no avail.

After using the Law of Attraction for about one month, she became pregnant.

Now, they are the happy parents of a baby girl.

Or I’ve seen the Law of Attraction used to bring peace between relatives, making people come together after being in a state of conflict for years.

It’s limitless. It really is.

And you are limitless too.

What do you want to manifest?