There is a truth within each of us that longs to be heard and followed.

That truth is the voice of your soul, and it comes straight from your heart.

When you listen to your soul’s voice, it helps you express yourself freely and get in touch with aspects of yourself that only you know exist.

Have you ever been at a crossroads and you don’t have a single clue to what you should decide?

And then all of a sudden… BOOM!

A voice speaks from within. And it has an answer for you.

More often than not, we tend to ignore this voice. Not intentionally.

Because when you are so caught up with the life you’re used to, your connection to your soul voice weakens.

When you do things that allow you to deepen your relationship with your soul, what happens is that you also raise your faith in the Universe.

These things are intertwined. That’s why I want to help you do just that.


Step 1: Be Creative

Find a way to access that voice by really letting yourself express who you are.

Let your inhibitions go. Do not be afraid of competition, judgement, or validation.

This is your private practice, and nobody has to see your results.

You are the only one who can know if you are expressing from that deep place of wisdom within you. So let yourself truly be free.

Splash colors on canvas, make crazy sounds with your guitar, dance fast, write everything you are too afraid to say, cook up some crazy tasting recipes, whatever it takes for you to feel that you are tapping into a true, essential piece of yourself.

Be creative. Tap into what you’re passionate about and pour your energy there.

Express your authentic self and allow your soul voice to come out.

Step 2: Connect with the Earth

Letting the ground physically embrace you is a great way to strengthen your trust in the power of the Universe and deepen your connection to the Earth.

Get out into the open air and visit nature. Go to a park, a field, or a beach.

Feel your body sinking into the earth as you lie there and give in to relaxation.

Feel the warmth and the energy of the earth’s vibration as it cradles you like a child.

Experience the soothing power of nature. Just relax and think about how the Universe has your back.

It helps you out, it feeds you, it cares for you. Increase your connection and your vibrational frequency by doing this frequently, as often as several times each week.

Step 3: Write a Letter

I dare you to write a letter to your future self.

List down all the reasons you respect yourself.

Explain in detail what you have accomplished, what you excel in, and what you are most proud of.

While this may seem awkward at first, keep in mind that this is a sign of personal development.

Self-love and self-appreciation are at the heart of this concept.

When you are done… it is time to read it out loud. Continue reading it for at least 21 days.

It is said that 21 days is what makes a habit stick. So give yourself that challenge!

Imagine how powerful it is to hear your voice reading about the beautiful things about yourself.

Do you want to find your soul’s voice?