Sometimes, when the moon is so bright, we can’t help but look at it and feel awe.

Because it feels like it’s blessing us with its light and presence.

To be honest, it’s one of my favorite thing to do.

When I find that I have extra time on my hands, I choose to go out of my house, sit down and just gaze at the moon.

I feel its energies flow through me when I do this.

Little did I know… it actually has some benefits for our minds.

There is magic in moon gazing.

It doesn’t matter what phase it is in, it will always be that familiar presence in the sky – whether it’s a full moon, new moon, or crescent moon. The beauty remains the same.

I mean, I am sure that the moon is one of the celestial bodies you’ve ever recognized.

Aside from the bright, warm sun… the power of the moon lies in its presence.

Some may even think that it can light up the darkness in its own unique way.

We have even talked about rituals you can do on a full moon because that’s how powerful it is and we can harness its energy and make it work for us.

But now it’s time to switch things up a little.

Moon gazing can now be your newfound meditation.

What is Moon Gazing?

We can easily define this as the activity to look up at the moon and appreciate its appearance.

But it’s more than that. It is actually a practice since ancient years.

The people before us have even planned their lives based on the moon’s phase.

Moon gazing is not simply observing this glowing circle in the sky.

It is about tuning into the light it shines upon us. How it touches the dark and lights up our path.

When you look at the moon… you might feel:

  • In awe of its beauty
  • Deeper connection with the Universe
  • Oneness with everything around you

It is as if we’re just part of the bigger picture.

How to Use Moon Gazing to Meditate

This doesn’t have to be complicated.

As mentioned earlier, you can go out and just look at it.

But if you want to make it more meaningful then take out a candle of your choice.

Prepare one of your favorite crystals. And lastly, go outside.

If it’s raining, you can simply sit by the window.

Here’s what you’ll do:

  1. Place the candle near you and in a safe place.
  2. As you light the candle, think about that one thing you want – be it abundance, love, great health, etc.
  3. Put your favorite crystal on your palm.
  4. Bond with the moon.

That’s it.

The next steps will be up to you, depending on what you will feel.

If you feel happy, feel it. If you feel sad just by looking at it, let it be.

Whatever emotions you will feel as you look at the moon, they are all valid.

This just means that this is what the moon wants you to feel at the moment.

When you do this often, your mindset will change.

You will start to realize that the Divine is ever so kind to give this amazing presence to watch over us.

The moon lends us its energies to boost whatever it is we want to manifest – to get us closer to the life we desire.

If you have never tried moon gazing, well, this is the sign.

Go for it and let it fill you with all the right energies.

Free yourself from worries even just for this moment.

Will you take this step to be closer to the Divine?