Did you know that this year, 2023 is a 7 Universal year in numerology?

Each year holds a different number vibrations.

In the Western practice of numerology, numbers carry energy just like the astrological signs of the zodiac.

Each year has its own number, kind of like having its own sign of the zodiac, complete with a horoscope forecast.

Numerology can give us insight into the kind of energy that we can expect to see over the coming year.

It can help us to predict and prepare for the year, and just be aware of what is going to be swirling around in the collective consciousness and of course having an impact on our own lives.

Another great reason to understand the numerology of 2023 is that you can make better choices for yourself and your manifestations this year, tailoring what you desire and how you go about creating it, according to the specific energy.

Shall we dive into what 2023 and the number 7 have in store?

2023 is a 7 Universal Year because of the way the numbers add together.

2 + 0 + 2 + 3 = 7

The number 7 resonates with introspection, wisdom, spirituality, and looking deeper at things.

It’s associated with analyzing, logic, philanthropy, faith, perception, and insights.

The number 7 is also a number of perfection, power, and luck.

It holds spiritual significance as a number of deep resonating importance.

Think of the seven wonders of the world or the seven chakras of the body.

It symbolizes the power of creation itself – the power of the divine.

What will it mean for you?

Seeking Spirituality

This year the energies of the number 7 will guide you to seek greater spiritual awareness.

You might find yourself drawn to reading or researching spiritual topics, delving into self-help books, healing old emotional wounds, or learning more about the mind-body connection.

Really this number represents a deep exploration of anything that expands your higher mind and speaks to your individual soul.

Listening to your Soul

It’s a great year for listening to your higher self, watching out for signs from the Universe, and getting very good at hearing, seeing, and feeling on an intuitive level anything and everything that leads you further along your unique life path.

Creative Push

Creativity could be heightened this year, and you have the chance to achieve amazing things.

If you combine self-reflection and spiritual wisdom with pushing forward on your creative projects, there’ll be no stopping you.

Analyze and Critique

The number 7 also enhances your ability to think critically and analyze.

Your intelligence will be fine-tuned this year, so make the most of any work or research projects that are calling you, for you will be perfectly aligned to give them your very best.

Deep Patience

Remember though that the number 7 is all about introspection, so do not underestimate the power of quietly thinking and reflecting alone.

The wisdom that arises from taking time to go within will reap enormous benefits in your life.

The energy of the number 7 is not about hustle culture or accomplishing as much as possible.

It is deeply spiritual and requires tremendous patience and self-understanding.

In your life, this might translate as knowing when to retreat from challenging situations and check in with yourself before reacting.

You need your inner wisdom to be your guide this year.

Be your Authentic Self

In terms of relationships, the number 7 symbolizes who we are in our connections with other people.

The energy of this year will draw attention to any behaviors we fall back on when we are with other people, and highlights how we may hide behind a facade.

2023 will be the year that we must be as authentic as possible.

The power of the number 7 energy will give us the courage to stand in our truth, be who we are and be unafraid to express ourselves.

If you have ever felt swept up or overwhelmed by other people’s energy, attitudes, or opinions, this year will give you the boost you need to stand strong in your own power instead.

It’s a very exciting time to express who you are confidently and not let yourself be lost in relationships, whether social, romantic, or work related.

In conclusion, this year could be an amazing year for every single person who uses the energies of the number 7 to their advantage.

If you make space in your life for regular meditation, time to go within and listen to your inner voice, you will find this year flows much more easily.

Seek out knowledge, learn new things, work on your confidence and self-expression and watch as the world opens up beautiful new possibilities for you.

This can be a truly transformational year for you if you allow yourself to expand, evolve and go with the flow of energy.

Ask questions of yourself and others, open your mind, allow yourself to receive what comes, and do not be afraid.

Don’t make 2023 about being a “New You”, make it about being a “Real You” and allow the true essence of who you are, what you believe, and what you want to co-create with the Universe to be seen this year.

We all have the chance to create a more peaceful, fairer, and kinder world this year and the best place to begin is, as always within.