Nothing is more frustrating than feeling stuck in the same situation, unable to move forward and make any manifestation breakthroughs.

Suppose you are constantly living in a loop of repeating patterns, experiencing the same things over and over again, as though an invisible obstacle is in your way all the time.

In that case, it’s understandable that creating abundance feels like a million miles away from your current reality.

It’s a very common thing for people to feel stuck and like they just can’t break through and live how they truly desire to live.

That’s because when it comes to creating an abundant life and really stepping into your true power, you have to be prepared to do the inner work and healing.

We are all a product of all that we have lived up until this current moment in time.

That means everything you have experienced as a child and as an adult has influenced your ability to BELIEVE that you can have abundance without limits.

If only you could just snap your fingers and change a lifetime of beliefs!

The truth is it takes a little time and effort to become aware of your thoughts, habits, and behaviors and how they hold you back from reaching your dreams.

I have always believed that the first step to happiness and abundance is in taking ownership of your life, no matter your current circumstances.

Instead of blaming others or feeling regret for past actions, stand where you are right now, today, and realize that YOU CREATE YOUR REALITY. You have the power to change anything you want.

Any limits that you are experiencing are only there because you have not yet reached the point where you 100% BELIEVE you can have whatever you want.

That’s okay, don’t beat up on yourself for it; it’s extremely common to place limits on yourself, whether unconsciously or consciously. Just be aware that most of those limits come from other people, the education system, and society.

Whether it was your well-meaning parents who told you that you couldn’t possibly earn enough money in your chosen profession to support yourself or your friends who feel challenged by your desire to follow your dreams and do something unconventional, most of us are dealing with the limits and beliefs that other people impose upon us.

I have heard the same old story a million times. Somebody gets excited about making some big changes in their life; they start to take action towards those changes and then get deterred or shut down by the opinions of others around them.

Hopefully, there are supportive people in your life who cheer you o. Still, the fact is that often others around us feel somehow threatened when we actually break out of old patterns and try something new — something they are perhaps scared to do themselves!

One of the most important things you can do to break out of old patterns and start attracting abundance is to CULTIVATE FAITH IN YOURSELF.

Stop needing the validation and approval of others and realize that your life is in your own hands and nobody else’s.

Take a break and journal some answers to the following questions:

1. What thoughts am I holding that are keeping me back from what I want?

2. Why do I not believe I can have what I want?

3. Where in my life am I relying on other people’s approval before I take action towards my dreams?

4. Am I afraid to experience change?

5. In what ways can I create change on an incremental basis?

If you have a desire or a dream that you feel other people might not fully understand or perhaps you know they will immediately start to talk about the limitations they see or impose their beliefs upon your dream my advice is this — Keep it to yourself!

Seriously, imagine it like a tiny baby that you don’t want to expose to the outside world just yet.

Your dreams and desires are YOURS, and they are VALID.

You do not need anyone else to validate or approve of them. Keep them secret until you can share them with people who you are sure will be supportive and compassionate.

And in the meantime:

  • Empower yourself to believe you can make them a reality.
  • Cultivate faith in your instinct, in your sense of self, in your innate power.
  • Become incredibly discerning about your thoughts and behaviors when it comes to the things you desire.
  • Check-in with these points:

  • Are you taking action towards your dreams?
  • Is your energy in alignment with what you want?
  • Are you living as if your dream is something that exists only in some magical land where you cannot reach it?
  • OR are you able to easily step into the energy of that dream as reality NOW?
  • Your life is yours alone to create HOWEVER you choose.

    You have complete control and power over your own experience with every single decision you make in a day.

    Make the decision to tell a new story and to live your best life.

    You are a limitless being in a boundless universe. Own that truth and step into your power today!