Remember Liz in “Eat Pray Love,”

searching for meaning and purpose? 

Her journey across Italy, India, and Bali,

is more than a quest for worldly experiences.

It’s a profound exploration of self-discovery.

An intimate dialogue with her higher self. 

This narrative isn’t just captivating cinema.

It’s a mirror reflecting our own potential journey

towards inner clarity and peace. 

Liz’s story,

grounded in Elizabeth Gilbert’s own life,

acts as a guiding light for anyone who feels lost. 

It showcases that the path to finding one’s higher self,

often begins in the midst of confusion and longing.

What is Your Higher Self?

Your higher self isn’t just a concept tucked away in spiritual texts.

Your Higher Self represents the most evolved, wise,

and authentic version of you. 

It transcends the ordinary limits of your consciousness and ego…

embodying the part of you

that is connected to the universal consciousness or source. 

This aspect of your being operates from pure love, wisdom,

and a deep understanding of your life’s purpose

and the interconnectedness of all things. 

The Higher Self is not influenced by societal conditioning, fears, or desires

that often dictate the actions of the ego-driven self. 


it sees beyond the temporary…

focusing on deeper truths and guiding you towards growth, healing, and fulfillment.

Isn’t this amazing?


tuning into this profound aspect of our being

requires us to create moments of stillness in our otherwise bustling lives. 

It’s in the quiet that we can hear the whispers of our higher self, guiding us, inspiring us,

and leading us towards our true path.

Here are some steps to connect with your higher self,

inspired by Liz’s transformative journey…

Find Your Sanctuary

Liz found hers in the cobblestone streets of Italy,

the sacred temples of India,

and the tranquil beaches of Bali. 

Create a space where you feel at peace—

a corner of your home,

a spot in nature,

or anywhere that allows you to feel a sense of calm and openness.

This would be ideal for meditating

and connecting with your higher self.

Through this,

you can listen to your inner thoughts

and decipher the meaning of each message from your higher self.

Breathe with Intention

Breath is our most direct connection to the present moment,

a tool that can bring clarity and peace. 

Through mindful breathing,

we invite stillness,

allowing our higher self to emerge from the background noise of daily life.

Cultivate Self-Compassion

The journey towards connecting with your higher self is filled with lessons,

some challenging, others uplifting. 

Like Liz,

approach each step with kindness and patience towards yourself,

understanding that growth often comes from the most unexpected experiences.

Truth is,

The journey to our higher self doesn’t require us to travel across the globe. 

It starts within us.

Having the courage to seek something MORE.

To ask profound questions.

And to embrace the journey of self-discovery with an open heart. 

Are you ready to take the first step on this journey?

Your higher self is waiting to show you the way.

I’d love to hear about your adventures in connecting with your higher self.

Share your stories and insights with me.