Imagine this.

You’re in trouble. Nothing works for you. You feel like the world is crashing on you.

Then a friend knocks at the door. He wants to help you. He has the tools, the resources to fix your problems.

All you have to do is to say yes and everything will get better. But what do you do instead? You shout at him you’re in pain and shut the door in his face, going to back crying and to complaining that nobody can help you.

This is how most people treat the universe.

Life wants to provide them with the opportunity. Life wants to change everything for them and to align people and circumstances to manifest miracles. But through their beliefs and stubbornness, they say no. They believe so much that nothing can change for them, that things will never get better that even when life sends blessings their ways, they dismiss them.

And if you think about it, you may do the same.

The universe wants you to be healthy. It wants you to be wealthy and loved. But most of the time, even if there are opportunities all around us to do so, we ignore them or we pretend they’re not there.

We’re like people starving on a deserted island next to a tree filled with apples with mangos and other delicious fruits. All we want is there, we have to grab it and eat it but we’re so focused on our misfortune and pain we fail to see how easy is to become happy and successful.

Does it sound like a lie?

Think of a friend of yours that always complains. You know if only he took action, things would be fine. If only he stopped complaining and crying for a few minutes, breathe fresh air, everything would change for him.

You tell him this. Other people tell him this too. But he’s ignoring everyone. He’s too caught up in the story he’s a victim and that life is mean and that nothing can change for him to see that the universe is flooding him with opportunities for change.

It’s like someone is thirsty and crying that there’s no water to drink while being surrounded with fresh springs of healing water everywhere around. It sounds absurd, but this is what most people want and this is a major reason manifestation doesn’t happen. It doesn’t happen because you don’t want it to happen.

The universe can’t help you if you don’t want to be helped.

Nobody can.

You need to accept the blessings of the universe and those around you first. You accept that you are the co-creator of reality and that you can manifest miracles only together with the infinite power of the universe. If you deny if, if you don’t believe in it or worse, if you think nothing can change for you, well, you’ll get exactly what you want.

After, you become what you think about. If you think you’re helpless and impossible to help, then guess what? You are helpless and impossible to help.

Seek and you shall find.

Seek unhappiness and sadness, and that’s what you’ll get.

Seek pleasure, joy, happiness and health, and this is what the universe will give you.

So this being said, how do you program yourself? How do you accept the universe’s way to help you?

Here are three ways that did wonders for me and an extra, fourth approach that if used right, is more effective than all third previous combined. Ready?

Method #1 – Keep a gratitude journal.


This is one of the best-kept secrets of manifestation experts. If you focus on what is bad in the world, you’ll get more of that.

But guess what?

If you focus on what’s good, you’ll expand it. You’ll manifest more. And no matter how your awful day was, you can always find something good. You are alive. You have a roof over your head. You are healthy. You have people who love you

So write a daily gratitude journal. You do not understand what a huge difference does it make in your life and how it will transform you into a magnet for miracles.

I like to have a small, leather journal in which I write at least ten things I’m grateful in that day. Sometimes they’re general as I’m happy for good health. Other times I talk about specific events that happened. But I never go to sleep before finding ten things good in my life.

Method #2 – Meditate.

Sometimes it’s hard to feel positive if you’re stressed and overwhelmed. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. This is why meditation is so important. It clears your mind and eliminates your negative thoughts.

Meditation is like taking a cleaning cloth and cleaning away all the negativity and pain and suffering in your life. It’s a practice as old as time. You can find it in Buddhist monasteries or used by rich executives and business owners in Silicon Valley.

Meditation is so good, so effective, that many famous people including movie stars and some of the richest people on Earth compares it to a superpower. And you know what?

You need no equipment. You need nothing special. You sit down, close your eyes, breathe and focus on your breath. Or you can use one of the many free meditations online. Really, it’s that simple.

Method #3 – Visualize the life you desire.

Everything in your world started in your mind. It is impossible for you to act without visualizing it first. Unfortunately, these goes both ways. You’ve manifested both good and bad things by first imagining them.

And if you really want to change your life, like close your eyes and visualize the life you really desire. Visualize how your ideal circumstances look like. Visualize all the joy and the happiness you’ll have in your life.

Put a lot of energy into this. Get excited. Treat your visualization as if you were a child and Christmas was coming. As a kid, you knew you’ll get a gift. So your daydreamed countless hours of how you’ll get your favorite toy.

Treat your visualization exactly the same – with anticipation and joy you’ll get what you want. And guess what?

The universe will align the people, circumstances, places and everything else in order for you to get what you desire. It’s so powerful that I could call it alchemy, and it is. You are co-creating reality with the universe. You focus on what you really desire and you add massive emotion and energy to it while the universe creates the circumstances for you to get it.

Method #4 – Use a binaural entrainment program.

They have called brainwave “smart drugs for the brain”. I call them the fastest way to heal yourself from the inside out using the power of sound.

How do these work?

A brainwave program uses beats at certain sound frequencies to get a reaction from your brain. It usually builds these frequencies around the solfeggio scale also known as “the divine sounds”. These are soothing, healing sounds that trigger your brain’s natural ability to heal.

It’s like meditation but active. Instead of trying to focus, instead of being frustrated by how hard is to even focus on your breath, you listen to binaural entrainment and you get the same benefit, amplified.

And which program should you use?

“Manifestation Magic”. This is because this is the only program on the marketplace that uses all the solfeggio scales, especially 432 HZ and also uses embedded NLP commands. This means that by listening to “Manifestation Magic” you heal yourself in several ways, both spiritually, physically and mentally while also helping your brain vibrate on a higher level, one that allows you to manifest what you desire.

What about NLP?

Neuro-Linguistics programming is a miracle. It allows you to access your subconscious mind so you can program it. It allows you to improve who you are. You use it to become more confident, more joyful and more assertive. “Manifestation Magic” uses NLP commands embedded into the beats to help you improve yourself.

It’s the ultimate self-improvement tool and if you want to have lasting change, if you want to be the best version you can be, then this is the way to go.

Manifestation Magic” is the perfect program if you want to become the person who can manifest miracles in your life. All you have to do is listen to it and let it change you. You can achieve the same results by meditating but it will take you about ten times longer and we both know meditation is so hard. With this one, just put on your headsets and listen before going to sleep. Soon, you’ll realize that everything in your life works and that you attract people, circumstances, and opportunities you’ve never thought possible.