Have you ever thought of offerings?

No, you’re not a witch or anything if you do this.

You are simply giving the Universe a gratitude offer.

You are showing how much you appreciate all the blessings it has given you.

We’ve talked about doing meditation and lifting up all your worries…

Isn’t it about time to lift your gratitude?

When you do this, the Universe will feel your genuine love.

It will listen to you and it will honor your wishes.

Divine offerings can come in many forms. Your gratitude journal is a great example.

The more that you write in it, the more the Universe recognizes your grateful heart.

You can write about anything that you are thankful for.

Write about the beautiful day you had, your amazing encounter with strangers, your fruitful day at work, or even the happy times you spent with your family.

But if you want to know about other offerings you can do, don’t worry, I’ve got your back.

Get those Creative Juices Running

You can dance, sing, paint, and write a poem. Anything that sets your heart on fire.

There is a big difference between when you do things out of love and things that you just decided to do.

For example, you might have read about how you can start a gratitude journal and decided to do it.

Sure, your attention is there.

But when you do things that come from your passion, they are easier to do and more fun.

Dance Your Heart Out

To offer a dance to the Divine, go ahead and choose a song.

Then let it quietly play in the background.

Whenever you are ready, get on your feet and start dancing!

Move to the beat and let your arms and feet feel the rhythm. Close your eyes.

Remember that you can move the way you want to. There are no eyes that will judge you.

Only the Divine can see your magnificent offering.

Sing Out Loud

When it comes to a song you want to offer… it can be any song.

It can even be a song that you composed. That makes it more original and authentic.

Choose a place where you are alone and sing. Sing out loud and let the Divine hear your voice.

Don’t be shy. Be free. Feel yourself lifting every part of you to the Universe.

Power of Poetry

They say writing poetry takes skill. But I don’t think so.

Writing poetry comes from the heart, and if you feel like it, what’s stopping you from doing it?

Get a clean, nice paper and a pen.

Write whatever comes to your mind and heart.

Don’t stop until you still have words left waiting to be written.

When you are done, read it out loud.

These are only some of the Divine offerings you can do.

What are you willing to try to show your gratitude to the Universe?