Dear Alex,

You mentioned before that we could manifest anything we put our mind to. I have been trying to manifest love, and the Universe answered my prayers.

I have been following what you said to manifest but I am doubting I am not going to receive the money I need.

How can I become a magical magnet for money?

* * * * *

What a beautiful question, dear one.

It is for certain that everyone wants to become a magical magnet for money.

If you’re claiming that you’re a money magnet already then, that’s great!

But becoming one boils down to the reflection of your thoughts about prosperity.

You might be like some of the people out there who struggle with negative beliefs about money.

They can be so caught up with such thoughts that they no longer have an idea of how to become the money magnet they desire.

But do not fret; you can overcome this.

You have to remember that abundance in wealth is not something you can acquire; it is something you tune into.

Wealth is a state of mind.

How will you be able to become a money magnet if you always associate it with negativity?

Even if you made a good amount of money from your work, what you earned won’t grow with you if you cling to your negative beliefs.

Let me give an example — You have a container in your hand with big holes. Those big holes are your negative beliefs.

If you try to fill it with water, which symbolizes money, it will keep flowing out. The container will not be filled.

If this is your container of prosperity and you don’t acknowledge the negativities, you won’t become a money magnet.

To address this, here are three ways you can become one.

1. Visualize Your Ideal Life

Think about the life you want. Keep it in your mind and try this short meditation.

  • Sit down in a comfortable position and make sure to be in a place where no one can disturb your peace.
  • Inhale deeply, then shut your eyes and concentrate on nothingness. Breathe slowly; breathe in on the count of five and breathe out on the count of five as well. Once you are completely relaxed, do this a few more times.
  • Visualize clearly what you want. Pay attention to every detail. Study textures, colors, scents, and noises to the greatest extent possible. Now, just consider for a moment what it feels like to touch anything, to hear sounds, to smell anything, and to be able to taste anything.
  • Feel the positive emotions from achieving what you want. Allow yourself to feel it to the depths of your heart and use that emotion. Hold onto it.
  • 2. Positive Money Talk

    When you deal with money, there are usually a lot of negative thoughts and words that will arise.

    Having a budget seems restricting. Spending seems like punishment when we constantly keep an eye on our money.

    While it’s true that it must be that way, it doesn’t have to be that way.

    A language that emphasizes positivity can help us deal with money better, which will make it simpler to speak about money.

    Instead of saying, “I can’t afford it,” it’s more efficient to just say, “I am not prioritizing that at the moment.”

    This sort of change empowers you and demonstrates that you have the ability to make financial choices on your own.

    3. Money Scripting

    Here, you will write down affirmations about money. But it won’t be that simple.

    Maybe you’re already thinking about writing down, “I want more money.”

    This won’t work because it’s not a statement that will help in raising your vibration. Try writing these instead.

  • Money flows to me easily and constantly.
  • I use abundance to improve my life and the people around me.
  • I am happy with where I am, and I welcome the blessings the Universe has for me.
  • Parting Thoughts

    You see, becoming a magical magnet is easy.

    You only have to let go of your negative money thoughts, and from there, the life before you will brighten.

    To help you further in your money magnet journey, click on this Powerful Money Scripting Guide.

    May you finally become a magical money magnet, dear one.

    Share your worries with me, and I will do my best to answer. Namaste.